Does One & Done's SIT plan include dangerous high-impact activities?

Asked a year ago

I had hip replacement surgery last year and want to improve my lower-body fitness. My brother suggested going to the gym, but I'm afraid of doing dangerous high-impact exercises. I want to try S.I.T., but I'm worried about repeated high-impact activities that could harm me. Should I be concerned?

Natasha Johnson

Sunday, January 08, 2023

Your brother is right! Absolutely no high impact training after such a major surgery. SIT training is a 7-minute high intensity, but low impact workout. It includes up to 12 key exercises that target your major muscle groups using only your body weight, a chair, and a wall. This workout combines strength, endurance, and aerobic training into an easy-to-do workout that helps support weight loss and improves metabolic health. It will also help to establish strength and balance throughout your body. Since you have had a hip replacement surgery, I would suggest speaking to a physiotherapist for some professional advice.

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