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60 Day Challenge 2015!



53 1 year ago



2 1 week ago
trim down club new member



51 1 week ago
60-day Challenge



4 1 week ago
Not much loss



4 2 weeks ago
how to lose when you have a desk job



2 2 weeks ago
Changing start date of challenge



5 2 weeks ago
missing snacks



2 1 month ago
Day 1 I am as active as I can be on a walker



2 1 month ago
Fell off the wagon



2 1 month ago
Losing weight but keeping it off



2 1 month ago
More then 60 days



2 4 months ago
Weight losd



2 5 months ago
The prodigal daughter



2 6 months ago
Food Menu alternates



8 6 months ago
New to keto. I know I WILL have a lot of questions.



5 7 months ago

60-Day Challenge

  •  Ossie-Sharon

    Hi, phoff71. Our keto menus have only three meals and a snack, and the snack can be incorporated into an earlier meal - which makes it very easy to fit everything into an 8-hour period. What sort of alternative to the coffee are you seeking? A beverage? A keto way to enjoy coffee?

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  •  Ossie-Sharon

    Hi, phoff71. the foods in our lists are actually collected from around the world and available in the US at health-oriented stores like Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe's, and some big box stores like CostCo, Target, and Walmart. The less known ones were selected because they are less mass-produced and therefore relatively unmanipulated and more nutritious and supportive of health and healthy weight management. You can read up on many of these ingredients in our searchable “Tips and Tricks” articles (link in the toolbar near the top of this page), and find them at health-oriented stores like Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe’s, and big box stores like CostCo, Target, and WalMart, as well as online, including through Amazon (see our shopping guide here: You don’t have to worry about using unfamiliar foods, breaking the bank, and/or jumping in head-first. Ease into things gradually, and let small changes add up. If you have any questions or additional concerns, please do repost somewhere on this site (check out our Forums – I participate in those, and you may find what you’re seeking).

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  •  phoff71

    I just joined last night. Some of the recipes look wonderful and easy BUT some of them like the muffins take WAY TOO MANY strange and most likely expensive ingredients that just aren’t on grocery store shelves. Are there any alternatives?

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  •  Ossie-Sharon

    Hi, Cinnamiss, and welcome! I see that you have already generated a menu. I suggest you try it out, and see how it works for you. You can make changes to it as you need to make it fit your tastes and lifestyle. You can read more about the principles of the program in the downloads in the "My Guides" area (link in the toolbar near the top of this page), and about healthy foods an habits in our searchable "Tips and Tricks" articles collection (link in the same toolbar). You will also find a searchable "Recipes" from which you can find healthy cooking ideas that you can use for the generically listed foods in your menu, if you don't already have a healthy recipe. You can also visit the "8-Week Plan" (link on the home page) to ease into the program and make gradual changes, and to see video clips of exercise ideas. If you have any questions or concerns, please post in these forums, and I will get back to you.

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