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60 Day Challenge 2015!



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Just joining



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Finding Time For Me



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new couple



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Just do it



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I am new



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where do i find a shopping list



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Finding Time For Me



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60 day challenge



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Start June 1, 2021 for 60 day Challenge



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What does it mean?



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60-Day Challenge

  • Ossie-Sharon

    Hi, Blueskygal, and welcome back! We are happy to help however we can.

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  • Blueskygal

    Hi. I restarted this program a few days ago. I dabbled in it over the summer and several other programs and then cancelled them all. i was rereading my journal and I had written how much I liked this program. I decided to give it another try. I have been living with leukemia, in and out of remission a couple of times since 2015. Each time after treatment I feel no energy and no motivation! I struggle to get out of my chair. I need to lose about 50 lbs - i want to improve my health profile and my chances to live a "normal" life again. I was very active before, biking, hiking, swimming, and playing tennis. Not now. I know that nutrition is one of the keys to being able to live a bigger life. To feel better, I have to eat better. I fell into convenience foods because it was just easier but not good for you. My youngest cat was hit and killed over the summer and hit me hard and i lost my appetite. after that i just didn't have much of one. Since starting the program, my appetite is roaring! I almost can't keep up with it. I like this program because it is simple and easy to do. i have my meals laid out for me which i love, all i do is shop and cook. it's hard to dream up meals every week. i like the emphasis on fruits and veges as they are so good for energy levels. i needed something easy and nutritious and I believe this diet is something i can stay on permanently.

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  • Ossie-Sharon

    Hi, Jazminew15. You can concentrate the foods in your menu into the number of meals that works best for you through "eyeballing" it - it doesn't have to be perfect to work. You can also use the subapplication to create menus that are specifically tailored to your needs, by taking the following steps: 1. Click on the “Exchange View” icon in the toolbar above your menu, and take note of the exchanges you are allotted for each snack. 2. After returning to portion view, click on the edit tool to the right of each major meal header. 3. Once you are in the subapplication that pops up, you can build your major meals from scratch, using the meal+snack exchange numbers to guide you (ignore anything in red telling you that you have exceeded your limit, of course). It is recommended to incorporate the exchanges from the next meal into the present one – i.e., breakfast+lunch for your first meal, then snack+dinner+snack for the second meal. 4. Since snacks cannot be completely deleted, to make a cleaner-looking menu put something simple in each of the snack menus such as “Vegetables of Your Choice,” then just don’t use the snacks. Note that you can also drink some of your meals, since it may be easier to drink rather than eat on your shifts. We have an extensive collection of hearty shake, smoothie, and soup recipes that you can use - just put your choice in a bottle or canteen, and you're good to go.

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  • Jazminew15

    What is the best way to start this program when I don’t eat three meals a day because I work third shift

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