Can I boost my body's flexibility If I regularly stick to One & Done's S.I.T.?

Asked 2 years ago

I last went to the gym a long time ago, and my muscles become stiff whenever I try to lift anything. Going to the gym will take too long to get my flexibility back. My friend suggested that I try One & Done's S.I.T. exercises. I'm concerned about whether it will help me move more effortlessly than before.

Natasha Johnson

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Yes, One & Done's S.I.T training will definitely help. Gentle stretches or a warm-up 2 minutes before the 7-minute set is very important. This will not only help with your flexibility, but also increase your heart rate, and make your workouts more effective. The key exercises in the workout will also do wonders with your flexibility. You can ease gently into the program, but it is vital to stay consistent.

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