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Lemon water



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Evening snacks



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Menu plan–Food items



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Water requirements causing problems!



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profile picture & weight chart questions



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How to Save Favorite Recipes?



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Prednisone and meds that cause at gain



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Dos and donts



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Stevia and Truvia

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Do I have to eat all of the Daily suggested Menu



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Diet Water Cooler

  •  Ossie-Sharon

    Hi, Tabbkim, and welcome! Where did you see that non-caloric Powderade is an option? We actually don't encourage anything with artificial sweeteners, as are present in that product,a s well as nearly all diet beverages - unless specified that they contain Stevia. If you can't find the latter, you can make your own versions. Just dress up regular still or plain soda water with natural flavor extracts (yes, “cola” is available!), tea from bags or leaves, or squeezed lemon or lime juice, or steep with cut up fruit or peels; then and a natural no-carb sweetener such as Stevia, monk fruit, and/or erythritol).

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  •  Ossie-Sharon

    Hi, JoanneMarie. Coffee and tea themselves are "free." We recommend to drink them that way (if possible). For sweeteners, we recommend avoiding sugar, agave, and artificial sweeteners (saccharin, aspartame, sucralose, cyclamate, acesulfame, etc.), and favoring natural no-carbohydrate options like Stevia and erythritol; if that is too difficult, then a bit of pure maple syrup or honey is fine. For whiteners, again natural is best - milky vegan beverages, even cream or whole milk; avoid processed powders.

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  •  TrimDownClub

    Hi, Thick611. To make your menu keto-compliant, access the subapplication of the Menu Planner by clicking on the circular arrow icon on the right side of each meal header. Once in that area, select foods of your choice to match the food group exchanges listed, but making the following substitutions: 1. Two fats for each carbohydrate exchange 2. Non-starchy vegetables instead of fruits, one exchange for one exchange 3. No sweet exchange 4. Talk to your health care provider about multivitamin/mineral and calcium supplements. You may find our sample menu helpful ( Note, however, that the portion sizes may differ from those needed to meet your nutritional needs – it is still best to refer to your menu pattern (visible by clicking on "Exchange mode" in the toolbar above your menu) and list of exchanges (

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  •  Ossie-Sharon

    Hi, Kyth500. That is FANTASTIC!!! Thanks so much for posting that tip here.

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