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Protein Shakes or meal replacement shakes



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Lemon water



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Day one



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Smart Phone App.



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Journal entries



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Meal plan



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16:8 intermittent fasting on night shift



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Emotional eating



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Fasting Yea or Nay?



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True lemon



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Monk sugar



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Third snack of the day



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Automated Shopping List for Menus



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Diet Water Cooler

  •  Ossie-Sharon

    Hi, CrochetDiva. That product is more processed than we would recommend, and a serving has more calories than most of your snacks. Is there a reason you want to use that particular product (e.g., prescription, etc.)? If you would prefer to drink your snacks, you can try our many smoothie and shake recipes here. If you want something ready made, a better choice would be a food-based product like Vega (

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  •  CrochetDiva

    I'm wondering is it ok to replace my snacks with a Boost glucose control shake?

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  •  Msamcast

    Cucumbers in water is good too. And a diaretic.

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  •  Ossie-Sharon

    In addition, Joannabasha, you may benefit from preparing ahead of time and refrigerating or freezing items (you can repeat meals and even entire days as often as you wish). Finally, the following are some ideas for quick meals and snacks: •Fresh and dried fruit •Cut raw vegetables (free: Arugula, Broccoli, Broccoli rabe/raab, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Celery, Cucumber, Radishes, Spinach, Sprouts, Watercress, Zucchini •Oven-baked vegetable chips •Nuts and seeds •Trail mix combinations of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit •Sandwiches - good breads with nut butters, hummus and similar spreads, tahini, canned or smoked fish, cheese, homemade "cold cuts" from fresh meats, egg salad, etc. •Whole grain or Paleo crackers plus any of the above •Hard-boiled eggs •Sliced or string cheese •Cottage cheese •Yogurt •Milk (dairy or vegetal), plain or flavored with cocoa powder and a recommended sweetener •Hearty soup in a thermos (2-3 food groups, i.e. meat or legume, vegetable, whole grain) •Hearty smoothie/shake in a thermos (2-3 food groups, i.e. fruit/vegetable, dairy/vegan, seeds) •Edamame or other legume/pulse snacks •Whole grain or Paleo cereal or granola (cold in small sealable bag, cooked in thermos) •Canned beans •Prepared healthy foods in containers - from leftovers or prepared the night or weekend before. •Homemade whole-food muffins or bars •Popped grains, i.e. organic popcorn, sorghum, quinoa

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