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The shopping list



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Hi mom



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New member



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New Member Question



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iPhone or iPad App?



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Repeating Meals



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Odd Hours How Do I Stick To It?



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New mom, Asian, underwent C-Section



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Easy Family meals



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Food on meal planner



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Going to be hard



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Moms on Diet

  • Ossie-Sharon

    Hi, Deb63. Click on the "Grocery List" button above your menu. You will be guided through the process.

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  • Ossie-Sharon

    Hi, Nolen. You can generate a new menu at any time by clicking on the plus sign button in the menus area. You can also use the "Switch Meal Automatically" tool (a circular arrow icon to the upper right of the meal) on any or all meals.

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  • Gardenia1114

    I am back. Last time I logged in was in July. The stress from the COVID situation threw me for a loop and messed with my momentum. I guess what matters the most is that we come back. I found myself falling into old comftorable patterns,but made the choice to come back and live the best life possible. Knowing when and being able to define the moments of stress and choosing the correct action helps me be consistent with this healthy way of life. Instead of eating when I am stressed, I grab a bottle of water and get on the recumbent or elliptical. I just sit there and move some part of my body without restrictions, until my body tells me that its ready to go faster.

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  • Ossie-Sharon

    Hi, Johnny89. The best foods for breastfeeding moms include those high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as fortified eggs, fatty fish, and chia seeds; high-calcium foods with probiotics like yogurt (preferably plain, which your own added fruit), legumes, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. You will find all of those types of foods featured in our menus or in the list of alternatives that you see when you click on the edit tool next to each food.

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