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Over 50 menopause



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Would love to hear success stories!



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New to blog… please help, my menu changes



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The shopping list



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Hi mom



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iPhone or iPad App?



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Repeating Meals



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Odd Hours How Do I Stick To It?



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New mom, Asian, underwent C-Section



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Moms on Diet

  • Ossie-Sharon

    Hi, sraynes52. Which keto program are you on? I ask because the menu you generated here is not actually keto. If you are following another keto program, a couple of things may be happening. It could be that your body does not respond well to a high amount of fat as is characteristic of the ketogenic diet. Another issue may be the physical activity you are getting (see my previous post to you regarding that aspect). If you have been getting a good mix, it may help to change things around every couple of weeks, so that your muscles don't get too compliant. If you have been following the menu you generated here and want to try keto, be sure to check that option in your profile, save the change, then generate a new menu.

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  • sraynes52

    I've been on the keto diet for a month and exercise 6 days a week. I haven't lost any weight. Any insight as to why this is not working?

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  • Ossie-Sharon

    Hi, sraynes52. You have come to the right place, as our program was designed for people just like you - it is low-carbohydrate with an emphasis on protein and good fats. We also encourage a good mix physical activity, which becomes more important with menopause - not just the usual cardio, but also strength, resistance, and core training. For an example of what we mean by that type of exercise, you can check out Warrior Made (

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  • sraynes52

    I'm having the same problem! Any advice?

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