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weight loss



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What is your terpretation of SPROUTED? please.



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Changing Diet meter



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Weighing meats



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Amount to eat while on the go



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I am confused on a few items I bought and seeking advice.



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Moms on Diet

  •  Ossie-Sharon

    Hi, SUZYJAY, and welcome. I'm sorry to read of what happened to you - note that it is definitely not too late. Our program is all about normalizing your nutrition gradually and gently, so that you can ease into it and make it second nature. Please do take advantage of our tools (Menu Planner, 8-Week program with exercise videos), guides, recipes, and articles. Just try to do a little better each day (ignore backslides, which are a part of all successful change), and the small changes will add up without you suffering. If you have specific questions or concerns, please do post here, and I would be happy to help however I can.

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    At 16 yrs old I heard some work colleagues (Men) talking about me and my bodily features were "oh wow look at the size of that" --- I was 16 measurements 36" x 5ft 11in and weighed 12 stone. Once I heard this comment amongst the driver at work it broke my heart and I began to diet. I am now almost 65 and am still trying to loose weight even after a gastric bypass op @ £5,500.00. We emptied our bank accounts for this because I'd hit 26 stone. The Op worked for the time being but over the 20yrs it appears that gradually my stomach was stretching even though I tried forever to keep my intake healthy and low. I started your weight loss program and lost 22lbs in the first 3 weeks. I was so excited but that was it. I am still continuing with the foods on my menu builder because I've never enjoyed food so much. I feel really good not eating red meat and using flavoured oils and eating lots of green leaf salads. The luxury of eating the best of the season fruits is a new treat too. But why am I not losing weight ….. I'm back to 21 stone and I certainly don't want to get back to 26 stone again. I'm quite afraid because I've had a triple by-bass heart op., have osteoporosis and arthritis which make it uncomfortable on movement. I'm not expecting miracles but has anyone any advice for me before I'm too old.

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  •  Ossie-Sharon

    Hi, MichelleLee. Sometimes a strong immune system can react to "bugs" (especially from children) in a way that can derail your digestive system. In these cases, goi7ng easy on uncooked and unfermented plant foods other high-fiber foods- temporarily, of course - can help. Ironically, focusing more on animal foods can help here, especially if the are of high-quality (super lean, unprocessed, pastured or grass-fed, organic, fortified with omega-3. After a couple of weeks, gradually increase the percentage of plant foods.

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  •  MichelleLee63

    One of our grandsons have a cough and a runny nose (but that is fairly normal for 5 year olds - someone at school is always ill). However both myself and my husband are in good health at the moment (if you ignore the fact that I am on constant medication for Asthma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, acid reflux, etc. I am hoping this diet will get me off some of the tablets...)

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