The Trim Down Club has a mission:

To help everyone have the bodies nature intended us to have: trim, attractive, healthy.
So we created a place where you could get three things:

Meal plans Totally Customized to your body, your tastes and your lifestyle.
An Ever-Expanding Collection of delicious, nutritious, satisfying recipes because food is meant to be enjoyed!
The most accurate, important Nutritional Advice available, presented in a clear, practical way.

Whether you want to shed unwanted and excess fat, become stronger and more energetic,
or just plain feel better, we help you achieve your goal.

Our Director of Nutrition, Ossie Sharon, is a registered dietician. She’s absolutely passionate about helping people understand the role good food and a healthy body weight play in long-term health. She has more than 20 years of clinical and research experience in conventional and holistic nutrition, and experience working with private clients, as well as in hospital and research settings.
Ossie has a Master’s in Clinical Nutrition from Case Western Reserve University, and a BSc in Nutrition Science from San Jose State University. She also did a dietetic internship at the Veterans Affairs and Mount Zion Centers, Cleveland Ohio. Now, Ossie shares her wealth of knowledge and advice with Trim Down Club members.
Noemia Strapazzon is a registered dietitian through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She received her Bachelor of Science from Minnesota State University, Mankato MN, and completed her dietetic internship at Iowa State University, Ames IA.
Noemia also received a Master of Science degree in Nutrition from the University of Minnesota working on a research project regarding phytonutrients and their chemoprotective effects in the body. She has diverse working experiences in clinical dietetics, weight loss and management, nutrition for longevity and nutrition supplement products in U.S.A. and in Brazil.
Our program is designed to reflect these proven, simple principles for weight loss:
  • Eliminate highly processed food that is actually known to make you fat and sick.
  • Replace every bad food with at least one good food you enjoy.
  • Never count calories, carbs, fat grams or points: life is too short to live that way.
  • No fad diets or diet pills with gross side effects: at best, they cause rebound weight gain.
  • No hunger or deprivation: these are terrible ways to live.

Every aspect of our program is designed to help you lose your unwanted fat in a healthy, sustainable way.

We call our Program a CLUB because we are a community of people helping other people enjoy good food while trimming down so that they can live happy, healthy lives. We encourage each other, support each other, celebrate our victories—and share recipes!