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11 3 weeks ago
Weigh yourself

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3 3 weeks ago
ankylosing spondylitis

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6 1 month ago
Expectation questions:

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4 1 month ago
Just started

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22 1 month ago
Spinal Surgery

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3 1 month ago

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2 1 month ago
what type of evercise

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3 2 months ago
Am on bed rest – Doctor’s orders

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2 3 months ago
Lifetime membership option

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11 4 months ago
Functional Fitness

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3 4 months ago
new member

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2 5 months ago
Calorie Count

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2 5 months ago
Progress Meter

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2 7 months ago

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10 7 months ago


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    I am going to bookmark this as I am currently limited weight bearing due to tron achilles tendon I presume that i can do same from normal chair I can out 20 percent weight on left foot only in brace on wedge which is being reduced in height every 3 weeks foot will be flat to floor in 9 weeks then 3 weeks level 20 percent weight on left leg then review at ortho and physio cna you tink of any other opportunities other than walking with walker/sticks as I obviously cant swim... thanks Used a wheelchair for 6 days which was easier in some ways but ortho said no send it back currently walker ad boot but that is affecting my arm joints and other leg as I have rheumatoid arthritis and I am trying to avoid a flare or extra problems as I am finding being independent difficult enough at the moment Have booked Dr appointment to discuss with then but its bank hols so nothing for 4 days At least this gives me some ideas in the meantime Thanks

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    Hi, Mima. Until other Clubmembers chime in here, I'll just note that we recommend weighing yourself about once per week. Just as importantly, pay attention to how you are looking and feeling, and how your clothes are fitting.

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    Hi, Hi, bjw396983158. In the 8-Week Program area, there are helpful videos at the end of the pages for Weeks 1, 3, 5, and 7.

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