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Success stories? Anyone care to share?



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Motivation, Inspiration, and Rewards



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Protein drinks



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Can I eat the same menu repeatedly.



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Week 2 menu



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Breads & Crackers



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Part time program



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Flaxseed Oil



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Nutrition & Diet

  •  Ossie-Sharon

    Hi, Janel428. Do you want to substitute the almond milk for something in particular, or just add some to your menu? If it is in place of regular milk, just keep in mind that almond milk basically has no does not have the same nutrition as regular milk - sometimes it is fortified with calcium and vitamin D and B12, but rarely with protein. If you like it, that's fine (just be sure to get the type without added sugar) - just be sure to get your protein elsewhere. With regard to the menu issue, I will forward your query to tech support.

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  •  Janel428

    I like almond milk, how can I substitute this one n menu plan? It seems like when I substitute something it doesn’t stay I have to keep changing this.

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  •  Ossie-Sharon

    Hi, msdora. I'm happy to help. The program is quite simple - you get a set of keto menus when you sign up (if you didn't get the set, please do let me know), and you can use t hose as you like. You can repeat meals and days, or swap meals between days as you wish. You can substitute dairy foods for vegetarian versions made from coconut, or even avocado, tahini, and nuts. If you would like to make a personal menu, To make your menu keto-compliant, access the subapplication of the Menu Planner by clicking on the circular arrow icon on the right side of each meal header. Once in that area, select foods of your choice to match the food group exchanges listed, but making the following substitutions: 1. Two fats for each carbohydrate exchange 2. Non-starchy vegetables instead of fruits, one exchange for one exchange 3. No sweet exchange 4. Talk to your health care provider about multivitamin/mineral and calcium supplements. If you have additional questions, please do repost here, and I will get back to you.

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  •  msdora

    I like cheese and milk but both upset my stomach. Just need help with all not sure how this program works and I dont want to get discourage I just need some good coaching because I know if I had a det partner it will motivate me to continue with this program. Please help.

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