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Motivation, Inspiration, and Rewards

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Success stories? Anyone care to share?

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Tips, Tricks, Recipes & Encouragement!

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How do I unsubscribe???

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Counting Food Groups

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Menu Plans

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Diet Journal & Menu planner

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food list

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Bananas and Eggs

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Hi my first day

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To much food for a day

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overnight oatmeal

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Nutrition & Diet

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    I'm sorry, I'm still confused. How many protiens do we eat per day, how many starches? How many fruit, veggies and dairy? I want to be able to adapt this diet when I go out to eat, so I can stay on the diet. Thanks!

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    Hi, Jackiannstanton. There are several ways to do this. 1. Use the fully personal version of the Menu Planner, which you can enter by clicking on the "My Food Choices" icon in the toolbar above your menu. Once there, select the foods you want at the meals you want, and be sure to click on the heart icon to the right to "favorite" it and increase the likelihood that it will appear as you wish. You can increase the likelihood further by requesting minimal menu variety in your profile. 2. You can manually change the meal by clicking on whatever food is there that is in the same food group (porridge is a carbohydrate, fruit is fruit) and swapping it with the options in the pop-up menu. You can make this easier by ensuring th at porridge and fruit are selected in the food lists (through the "My Food Choices" link) for the meal in question. 3. You can also manually change the meal by clicking on the circular arrow icon to the right of the header and building the meal according to instructions in the pop-up box. 4. You can simply repeat these foods whenever you wish, regardless of what is on the menu for that meal.

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    Hi, Kjartist38. I have forwarded your issue to tech support. Someone will get back to you soon.

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    Hi, Catherine, and congratulations! I would suggest keeping the diet journal if you think it helps. If you don't think it adds an advantage at this time, then you don't need to. You may wish to revisit it if the weight loss stops or you gain weight.

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