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    • WoogieBoogie

      Anyone have success with Large belly fat loss, Visceral fat loss?

      Has anyone had any luck with losing over 15 pounds of VISCERAL belly fat? My husband has the beer belly but it's not at all from beer drinking. It started slowly and it just seems to get worse. We have tried to many diets, healthier eating tactics, exercising, and combinations of everything. This has been going on for several years now. Yes a Doctor is the best option but we can't just go and aren't looking for that suggestion from anyone as we already know that's what needs done. Just looking for others that have had success in losing large amounts of that stubborn type of fat.

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    • Hcandi

      New here

      I’m new here

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    • ljacob1213

      In my plan I have Menus, where are the Ready to Go Menus? I can't find them. Also does TDC offer workout videos? I can't find those either.

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    • kathylou2

      My boyfriend has diabetes watches his carbs and sugar and uses a portable stepping under his chair in the evening after dinner usually gets a total through the day of 20k or more and he was is off his metformin & keeping diabetes in check for months now!

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