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    • Sharisw

      Getting started

      Hello, I'm just getting myself sorted out to start the plan and have a couple questions. Can soft goat cheese be subbed for cream cheese? When yogurt is included, is it plain yogurt or can it be flavored? When chicken as an example is included are there cooking recommendations?

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    • Sharisw

      Hello, I'm just sorting out the meal.plan and planning the week. I ve a couple questions. 4 oz of chicken or 6 oz of shrimp is included in the meal, is there a guideline for how it should be cooked? Can soft goat cheese be substituted for cream cheese? Thanks!

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    • Ossie-Sharon

      Hi, MaribelB. I have forwarded your issue to tech support. If a solution can be found, someone will get back to you.

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    • MaribelB

      New in 2021

      New in 2021. Just trying to understand how the recipe set up works. It's a bit confusing when you print out the grocery list. Way too much at one time.

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