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ankylosing spondylitis



6 10 months ago
Expectation questions:



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Just started



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Spinal Surgery



3 10 months ago
what type of evercise



3 11 months ago
Am on bed rest – Doctor’s orders



2 12 months ago
Functional Fitness



3 1 year ago
Calorie Count



2 1 year ago
Progress Meter



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10 1 year ago
Under active thyroid



6 1 year ago
Is it best to eat before and after a work out



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New member



58 1 year ago
rowing machine



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  •  Ossie-Sharon

    Hi, Michelle. I was referring to the number on the scale. The % body fat will be taken care of by his fitness routine, and that will likely improve faster than his total body weight.

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  •  MichelleLee63

    Hi Ossie-Sharon, my husband says he doesn't consider 35% body fat to be very close to an ideal weight, but then he worked mine out and says I am c. 42.5% body fat now (goodness knows what I was a few weeks ago). Thanks for the advice and we are sticking to the eating plan quite well. (I can't call it a diet because we have both had to increase the amount we were eating quite a lot!). We have our grandson staying with us this week, thankfully he loves fruit and vegetables. Unusual for a 5 year old but it should keep him healthy at least. He is eating the same size meals as we are!

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  •  Ossie-Sharon

    Hi, Michelle, and thanks for the information. He actually needs the amount that you're eating. He is losing more slowly because he is closer to his ideal body weight.

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  •  MichelleLee63

    Age 54, height 5'9", Weight 173lb. However he is a very light frame (as are most distance runners). 10 years ago he was 140lb, and was still 20% body fat at that weight, so he is currently c. 35% body fat.

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