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The "scale"



5 9 years ago
unable to exercise due to injury



6 9 years ago
Fitness at home



11 9 years ago
5 Minutes a Day: Share a dose of your daily bliss



7 9 years ago
Lying-down exercises for the disabled



1 9 years ago
Kettlebells exercise



2 9 years ago
Losing fat and building muscles



8 9 years ago
No Ambition :(



33 9 years ago
Exercise vs. food intake



14 9 years ago
Exercising For Fat Loss Guide?



3 9 years ago
jujust joined-need to lose 30 lbs. *'m 71-pre-diabetic



1 9 years ago
Weekend pounds



4 9 years ago
Calling anyone out there from Australia



3 9 years ago
during the hot weather



9 9 years ago
Insanity challenge!



4 9 years ago



    I found the link for the app on my iPad but the link won’t open. Please advise

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  • Delgado53

    HI, just joined. I am 69, office job, so tired when I get home its hard not to take a nap before going to bed! Sweets always at work, someone brings donuts, cake, candy, snacks! Need to work on some major self decipline.

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  • Sharon2022

    Hello Everyone, I am really looking for support with coping with menopause and the emotional changes I have been experiencing. I did start taking Amberen for the last 3 months and it has helped me to regain some stability and decrease the night sweats. I am grateful for that. It was mainly to help with the emotional roller coaster I was experiencing and crying too! No one had warned me about the emotional side of this journey. So far this has decreased a lot of the symptoms!

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  • Ossie-Sharon

    Hi, Gwendolyn62. You can read up on the concept of the program in the main program, which you can access in the "My Guides" area (link in the toolbar near the top of each site page). To right-size portions for your daughter based on your menu, you are welcome to provide her height and weight, and I can make that calculation for her.

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