I hate doing cardio! Is the 7 minute workout right for me?

Asked a year ago

I'm a new mom and I want to start my fitness journey soon. I like working out but I am not a big fan of cardio such as running! I came across the One and Done 7 minute workouts and was considering giving them a go. As someone who doesn't like cardio, would this program be right for me?

Mary William

Saturday, March 25, 2023

If cardio is not for you, then this 7-minute workout is just for you! Running on the spot can be replaced with marching with high knees at your own pace. Jumping jacks can also easily be replaced with step-outs instead. You will still work up a sweat and get the results you're after. These workouts are simple and easy, great for building muscle, increasing endurance and losing weight! I think it's great that you're ready to start your fitness journey with One & Done. Enjoy!

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