Are workout clothes supposed to be tight?

Asked a year ago

I’m curious about workout clothes. I do the one and done program with my sister and she always has tighter workout clothes than me. She says it helps when clothes are tighter, but I am not 100% sure. Does it matter?

Miriam Terry

Sunday, April 02, 2023

Workout clothes can be absolutely whatever you feel comfortable in while exercising. There is the general idea that tighter outfits can improve performance, and have been found to reduce muscle fatigue, reduce the risk of injury and improve recovery time. Loose fitting clothes would offer more breathability and comfort, but I would avoid clothes that are too loose and baggy, as this could lead to a potential trip or fall. Tighter fitting active gear is more supportive. But if they are too tight, it could lead to feeling uncomfortable. Make sure to keep your waist hips and stomach in mind. If these areas are too constricted by your clothes, then they are too tight and could cause circulation issues. It is important to feel comfortable, so you can try a few outfits out and determine what feels right for you.

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