Does the One & Done program need special diets to get the best results?

Asked a year ago

Working from home has made me gain weight. In between tasks, I frequently snack. I plan to improve my fitness with a simple, effective exercise routine. Since I don't have gym access, my father suggested I give One & Done a shot. I'd like to know if a special diet is required for the best results with my weight loss plan.

Natasha Johnson

Friday, January 13, 2023

The One & Done workout are low impact and high-reward exercises that can burn up to about 28% more calories than HIIT training. Less time working out and a faster goal achievement. But diet is also just as important on your journey to getting healthier. You don't need to follow any particular diet plans or restrict yourself, but adding healthy meals to your diets and cutting out on snacks can help with staying healthy and keeping the energy levels up.

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