Can I listen to my music while doing the 7-minute workouts?

Asked a year ago

I love listening to music while working out! It really motivates me during my exercises. As I was interested in starting the one & done workouts, I was wondering whether it's fine to listen to my music as I do the workouts. Or do I have to fully concentrate on the instructions being given?

Jaime Gardner

Monday, March 20, 2023

I also love listening to my favourite up-beat songs while working out :)

You can absolutely listen to your music, but I would recommend that when you first start out with the 7-minute workouts, that you pay close attention to the instructions without music. This will ensure that you are getting into each movement correctly and following what you need to do carefully. This will help you to avoid any injuries or doing any of the exercises incorrectly. Once you know how to easily and confidently move into each exercise correctly without instruction, then listen away!

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