As someone who suffers from joint pain, is it possible for exercise to help with it?

Asked a year ago

Hi everyone! I've been experiencing some joint pain lately and had a question regarding it. Do you think that exercise can help with my joint pain? Thanks in advance to anyone who answers!

Jeremiah Sykes

Tuesday, May 02, 2023

It might not seem like it, but regular exercise can greatly reduce joint pain. Movement, maintaining a healthy weight, icing the joint often (this helps reduce blood flow to the areas where pain and swelling takes place), and other relievers can help. When you exercise regularly, you're able to keep the muscles around the affected joints strong, while controlling the swelling and pain. Working out ever day can help to replenishes the lubrication needed for the joint's cartilage to reduces stiffness and pain. So yes, i think exercise can help! But if you're unsure, contact a healthcare professional for more advice.

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