One and Done Workout Review: Benefits, Cost & How Svelte Training Works

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Updated May 4, 2023.

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For most people, busy schedules don't allow for spending hours in the gym. To attain our goals, we need to set practical and realistic goals, so the workout routine we choose should be short enough to fit into our daily routine easily yet effective enough to create the result we desire.

The One and Done Workout is designed to fit into the busiest lifestyles. It's a 7-minute long, high-intensity workout routine guaranteed to help you lose weight effectively if you're consistent with the program.

One and Done Expert Review

One&Done Workout

4.5/5(72 reviews)

Does Svelte Training Work?

If you're wondering whether this program really works, the answer is a resounding ‘yes!'

The reason why the Svelte Training One and Done Workout works so well is that it's a well-designed and practical short workout routine with simple and effective exercises. No matter your job or fitness level, you'll be able to do these exercises.

Since svelte training is so short and simple, there are simply no excuses for not doing it. From busy executives to stay-at-home moms or dads, anyone can spare 7 minutes of their day for their own health. Plus, as no equipment is needed, you can do the workout anywhere and at any time—all you need is some space to stretch comfortably. So, you can do it at home, in the office, in a park, or even in your hotel room if you're traveling.

As you do the workouts regularly, you'll notice yourself getting better at them. Weight loss results are visible in just 7 days, and by your 8th week of working out for just 7 minutes a day, you'll have significantly toned and strengthened your figure.

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How Does the One and Done Workout Work?

Designed by Meredith Shirk, these routines are power-packed by incorporating the S.I.T. (Sprint Interval Training) techniques. The One and Done workout focuses on very short, but high-intensity exercises with active rest intervals in between.

Each high-intensity exercise is done for just 20 seconds followed by an active rest period where you do low-intensity movements. In the 7 minutes of action, you spend only a total of 60 seconds doing high-intensity exercises. All in all, the workout consists of the following:

  • A quick warm-up
  • 20 seconds of high-intensity exercise alternating with 60 seconds of active rest
  • Cool down and stretching period

The routine relies on using your own body weight for doing resistance exercises and strength training. Exercises such as squats and sit-ups help burn more calories and lose belly fat faster.

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What Is Included In a One and Done Purchase?

When you buy the One and Done Workout program, you get the S.I.T. workout combinations, detailed demo videos, and much more. Let's take a look at all that's included in a One and Done purchase:

  • 14 days of follow-along S.I.T. workout combinations
  • Detailed "demo" videos to ensure perfect form
  • An in-depth exercise combination manual
  • Exclusive member-only dashboard
  • Bonus 1: 10-day "done-for-you" keto reset
  • Bonus 2: 101 detoxifying red & green smoothie recipes
  • 24-7 support & assistance

One and Done Workout Benefits

There are numerous health benefits to the One and Done workout:

  1. Speeds up metabolism: With its high-calorie burning, the One and Done workout activates your natural metabolic multipliers and gives you a fast metabolism, which holds many benefits. It maximizes your irisin hormone levels which in turn increases the afterburn. Even after the workout, your metabolism remains high, and the calorie burning continues for 24 to 72 hours.
  2. Builds and strengthens muscle: The science-backed bodyweight combinations in this exercise program strengthen your muscles. Strength training workouts make use of your own body weight to create the needed resistance, building your muscles in the process.
  3. Boosts energy levels: After following this program for a few days, you'll notice your energy levels improving.
  4. Increases endurance: Although you may initially find yourself out of breath when doing high-intensity workouts, your stamina will considerably increase if you're consistent with the program.
  5. Promotes weight loss: The most obvious benefit of the One and Done Workout is the weight loss that results from increased calorie burning.

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One and Done Cost

The One and Done program costs $99.95, but with the current discount offers, you can get the entire package for just $29.00. So, better hurry and get it while the offer lasts!

There's no need for a second thought, as there's a ‘no questions asked 60-day money-back guarantee.' Meredith Shirk herself assures that anyone who's not completely satisfied with their program will get a refund.

One and Done Workout: The Verdict

With fresh New Year resolutions and renewed gym memberships, many of us have set out on weight loss journeys with vigor but failed to get very far.

However, the Svelte Training One and Done Workout is your route to successful weight loss, as it's a really short yet effective exercise program that can be done anywhere, no matter what your current fitness level is. It's affordable, requires no equipment, and offers you numerous health benefits when done consistently, in addition to helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

One&Done Workout

4.5/5(72 reviews)