Can a 7-minute workout help me feel energized?

Asked a year ago

I'm in my 30s and I'm not exactly a morning person, so waking up and feeling energized is a total struggle for me. I've been looking for quick workout routines to do in the AM to give me a boost. Will working out for just 7 minutes in the morning help me start my day on the right foot?

Thomas Larson

Monday, March 20, 2023

There are different streams of thought when it comes to workout times. On one hand, morning workouts have been found to be great for getting rid of abdominal fat and improving blood pressure. Late-day training however, the body temperature is at its highest and a time of day when your your body is most ready for a workout. So I think it would be up to you. I do think that a morning workout would really help with that much-needed boost for the day. And the best part of these quick and easy workouts is that you can alternate between different times of the day.

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