Can I still do the 7 minute workouts if I'm very overweight?

Asked a year ago

I want to start working on myself this year and take control of my body as I'm overweight. I've heard great things about the One & Done program but I'm worried that it might not be suitable for me. Can someone who is very overweight still do these 7 minute workouts?

Leslie Haney

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Yes! Firstly, congratulations on starting your fitness journey! Working on ourselves is so important in improving our quality of life. The One & Done program is geared for any age and body type. Set yourself realistic goals and go easy on yourself. These workouts are simple and easy and you'll be feeling great after every session. You will start with a gentle warm-up to prepare your body for the exercises. You will then do low strength exercises that will raise your heart rate and breathing. This is followed by a recovery period, to stabilize your heart rate and let the muscles relax. Get into the next exercise and follow this with your recovery phase. This all takes 7 minutes and you're done, with noticeable results in the following weeks.

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