Will the 7 minute workout help break my plateau?

Asked a year ago

I've been on a weight loss journey for the past 3 months. So far, I've only been doing daily walks as part of my exercise routine. Although walking helped me initially lose weight, I've recently hit a plateau. I'm considering adding the 7-minute workout to my routine to help break through this plateau. Would it help?

Sage Kline

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Well done on your fitness journey! Reaching a plateau can feel frustrating, but worry not, the One and Done workouts will definitely help you break through this plateau. These workouts will give you noticeable results in a matter of weeks. They will vastly improve your stamina, energy and strength. This type of training contains key exercises that combines strength, endurance, and aerobic training into an easy-to-do workout that helps support weight loss and improves metabolic health. Not only that, these workouts can also help in establishing strength and balance in the body. I would also recommend that you keep But keep your walking routine a part of your fitness journey.

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