Is SIT training safe for anyone, regardless of age or strength level?

Asked 2 years ago

I am a middle-aged woman eager to begin my fitness journey. I'm looking for a quick, easy-to-follow workout routine. My friend insisted I try One & Done's S.I.T. I'm eager to try the exercises, but I'm anxious that they'll be too harsh for me at my age. Should I be concerned?

Natasha Johnson

Sunday, January 08, 2023

Absolutely! SIT training is a set of low-impact exercises that won't aggravate your joints or put undue stress on your body. This type of training contains key exercises that combines strength, endurance, and aerobic training into an easy-to-do workout that helps support weight loss and improves metabolic health. It will also help to establish strength and balance throughout your body. You start doing it at your own pace, increasing speed when you are ready. And it's fun!

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