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library 10 years ago

i dont want to loose too much weight, i want to lose it mostly from my stomach.

Radisson 10 years ago


The following site may help you and other peoples with mobility issues:

CheeseCat 10 years ago

Have a day off of work today and I’m gonna work up a sweat doing housework!!! Hauling laundry up and down the stairs certainly can be considered aerobic exercise. 😉

Jinglis 10 years ago

it’s all very well going on about exercise however some of us have mobility issues. Walking for me is out as I cannot go far due to vascular problems and charcoat joint. I do try however I sometimes find it quite depressing when people claim we have to do aerobic exercise to keep fit. This makes me feel inadequate. I do, or should I say attempt, stretch & tone and yoga. I too am new to this site however do not know yet if it will suit as have type 1 diabetes (for 48 years now) and carbs matter very much with us in conjunction with insulin injections; unlike type 2 who tend to be more overweight. I have around 10-14 lb to shed. I already eat healthy and sensibly. Will give it a go

hennie 10 years ago

Thanks to you all….I am reminded that a little movement is better than none. I think I’ll start with a dance party with the babies this morning!

Njob22 10 years ago

Thanks atheen! that is helpful i always try and do intense workouts or nothing but biking and reading is still good so ill have to start doing that because I’m also one that expects a lot from myself (high grades) so thank you for taking the time to explain all that it really is helpful hope your journey is going well on here too:)

tywms 10 years ago

Psalm 90:12 “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” This Bible verse reflects what most contributors are saying. I realize that my biggest challenge is to identify and put aside unproductive habits and live daily according to the good habits taught on this website.
Bad: Television wastes time. Eating out of boredom or distraction. Eating instead of drinking water or resting.
Good: planning meals, keeping them simple. Throw away bad foods. Get off the couch to walk the dogs or swim laps. Identify hard tasks which I know I have been putting off and do them.

carolrco 10 years ago

hi all, I have been off work for a couple of weeks with a virus hope to go back to work on Monday. In my job I walk a lot so I tend to use that as my reason for not doing other exercise. I need to get motivated to do that now.:-(
This site is encouraging me to change my life for the better, reading how others are getting on makes me realise I am not alone. Hope we can all keep each other going in the coming weeks. Take care. 🙂

Norunyan 10 years ago

Hi i everyone ,hmmmm exercise ? Well it is time for me to think about it anyway.I.had much rather read a book..
Sort of rainy out today I could at least go out and walk around the house.Maybe I will.That is a start.Ha

atheen 10 years ago

Hi NJob22, I know your situation well. I was a chronic student” and lived with the stress of working full time and going to school. In fact at one point in my life I worked full time and attended two different schools for two different programs—nursing at one and an MA in ancient history at the other. It takes its toll in stress and lack of sleep and both are real “diet killers.” Try exercise. Read that text while riding an exercise bike or set a timer so you get up out of your chair to walk around the room every few minutes. Do a couple sit-ups or push-ups, or some yoga stretches; the latter really gets the kinks out of you and beats stress. Any exercise is better than none. There’s an article on this site about it; take a look at it. You may actually find in this way that you give yourself a little time to reflect on what you’re reading so it sticks with you better. Just because you’re doing a push-up doesn’t mean your brain needs to stop functioning and focusing on what you were trying to learn. You integrate what you’ve read with what you already know in meaningful ways this way that will show up big time when you take exams. Transfer facts you think you may need to know on exams—dates, names, formulae, etc.—to small cards and carry them with you while you walk outside and every now and then review them. You’ll get fresh air, sunshine, exercise and learning in all at once which is a great stress reducer. Associate facts with other facts in brief bits: ie) Taylor (the name of a theorist in time-motion work) late 19th to early 20th century (period of activity), time-motion (practices applied to manufacturing processes.) Repeat them occasionally and you’ll remember them; I still remember the above after 20 years! Read your texts before the school session even starts. Don’t wait for the syllabus to tell you what chapters you “need” to read. Just read the book like you would a novel. Anywhere there’s something you think might be tested, put just a small star by the line or paragraph so when you review for exams, these points will be brought to your attention. Don’t underline everything; you’ll just find that every page is full of underlines. You’re never going to remember every page; nor would you need to! If you do this, when you feel like “goofing off” later, you won’t stress out over what you “should” be doing; you can do what you feel like. When you’re reading something on a deadline—like when you need to do a paper on a book or something that you’ve put off too long or when you haven’t been able to get your book in time to read it cover to cover—remember that most authors tell you what they’re going to tell you, then they tell you, then they tell you what they told you, and somewhere in there are the facts to support the works! That means that any given paragraph will have a lot of redundancy in it. If you read the first and last sentences, you’ll get some idea of what’s in the middle of the paragraph, and some idea as to whether that material is important to know and/or remember. If it is, read the paragraph in its entirety. By the time you get to the end of the book, and it’ll be a record time believe me, you’ll have a basic understanding of the author’s position; enough to perhaps write a cogent paper on it, if that’s what the task was. Let your subconscious mind work for you. It knows a lot that you don’t even know you know, and it integrates it better than your conscious mind can. You’re conscious mind has about a 20 second attention span and can only work on small pieces of information at any one time; your subconscious mind has a lot more working space, and it works 24/7 to solve whatever problems it knows are on your agenda, sometimes it’ll even come up with a solution in your sleep–I solved a complex geometry problem that way once. It probably knows or intuits the character of your professors, what they probably expect, what your resources are, what your time line is, what your abilities are, what else you have to do that’s important to you, etc. When it starts to get anxious about that paper you know is due, it’s time to start working on it, but until it does, you’ve probably got time. It takes a while to trust these intuitions, but in general it’s a good way to use your time effectively without driving yourself up the wall over the demands of your schedule.

atheen 10 years ago

You’re right Rosalma. Accountability to someone else puts them in a bad position, disciplining you, and robs you of learning to take control of your own life. We expect instant results, and that’s not going to happen. We treat ourselves as “failures” when we suffer a setback, but sometimes that’s a cop-out, the excuse we need to go back to bad habits. Developing new habits is a process of creating a new neuropathway in your brain! That takes time. It also takes time to weaken the old neuropathways, and we’ve given them tons of time to grow strong! Every time you backslide but go back to your new pathway, you’re strengthening it and weakening the old one. The only sure way of actually failing is not to keep trying.

Myajo 10 years ago

I was going to the gym m-f before wk for 3 yes. This Christmas was u usually stressful, so I stopped because I needed the rest. It’s’ been 3months. I have a billion reasons for not going but only 1to go back, my health. I need to put my health first and get my lazy butt moving.

Thanks for letting me vent,

ROSALMA 10 years ago

there is nothing easy about adopting a new approach to life, i find it very difficult myself. I just know the longer you leave it the harder it is so getting started, now is the first and best step. I thought accountability was the answer but the only drive really has to come from a desire within. when you start to see and feel results i think that in itself is it’s own reward and encouragement

Njob22 10 years ago

I’m having a tough time staying motivated while Im in college constant stress that i use to beat with is so hard to not turn back to that but Im trying! I hope everyone else is staying motivated we are in this together:) thats wut i remind myself Im not alone there are manyy like me and it takes time!!

Bonnie Lyon 10 years ago

camplofft encouragement to are moving an thats GREAT. YES we do need to encourage each other. I am a new member. Im out of shape from the death of my son 3 years ago. I cant get motivated .any advice?

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