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Ossie-Sharon 2 years ago

Hi, Blueskygal, and welcome back! We are happy to help however we can.

Blueskygal 2 years ago

Hi. I restarted this program a few days ago. I dabbled in it over the summer and several other programs and then cancelled them all. i was rereading my journal and I had written how much I liked this program. I decided to give it another try. I have been living with leukemia, in and out of remission a couple of times since 2015. Each time after treatment I feel no energy and no motivation! I struggle to get out of my chair. I need to lose about 50 lbs – i want to improve my health profile and my chances to live a “normal” life again. I was very active before, biking, hiking, swimming, and playing tennis. Not now. I know that nutrition is one of the keys to being able to live a bigger life. To feel better, I have to eat better. I fell into convenience foods because it was just easier but not good for you. My youngest cat was hit and killed over the summer and hit me hard and i lost my appetite. after that i just didn’t have much of one. Since starting the program, my appetite is roaring! I almost can’t keep up with it. I like this program because it is simple and easy to do. i have my meals laid out for me which i love, all i do is shop and cook. it’s hard to dream up meals every week. i like the emphasis on fruits and veges as they are so good for energy levels. i needed something easy and nutritious and I believe this diet is something i can stay on permanently.

Ossie-Sharon 2 years ago

Hi, Educator04. Yes, the intention is for you to eat everything in the plan. Depending on what and how much you don’t eat, you may end up undernourished or slow down your metabolism, making weight maintenance challenging. If you find that it is too much food, we recommend cutting back on the starchy carbohydrate foods and concentrating on protein sources, produce (fruits and vegetables), and fats.

Educator04 2 years ago

Do we have to eat everything listed for each day? If not what are the consequences?

Tneeds 2 years ago

Me too! How’s it going so far?!

Ladykuch54 2 years ago

Just joined and excited to see my success!

Ossie-Sharon 2 years ago

Hi, Gibbs4, and welcome! We are happy to help however we can, and wish you much success here.

Gibbs4 2 years ago

Good morning everyone
I am also new just joined today
I’m trying to figure that iui s site out now! Wish me luck

Ossie-Sharon 2 years ago

Hi, iiimexspensiiive. You have definitely come to the right place to manage pre-diabetes. What are you seeking in a mentor?

iiimexspensiiive 2 years ago

I’m new here just found out I’m prediabetic Sunday need a diabetic mentor please

Ossie-Sharon 2 years ago

Hi, Rabbette. Absolutely! Many of our recipes can be added using the edit tool to the right of a menu item. For newer recipes that have not yet been added into the system, you can use them to substitute for the main ingredient in your meal. You can also match up the exchanges visible at the end of each recipe and when you click on “Exchange View” in the toolbar above your menu. It doesn’t need to be a perfect match to work.

Rabbette 2 years ago

Hi everyone, I just signed up today as a desperate attempt to shift perimenopause weight gain. I can’t seem to shift the tummy fat. My biggest struggle with diets is that I don’t like many fruits and veg and love my pasta dishes and bread so I feel this might be a challenge and would be very grateful for any tips or help with that. Also the menu seems to be just a list of foods so I’m wondering if you could just replace a lunch or dinner with a receipe. Thanks everyone.

TraceyE 2 years ago

Hi Y’all ?
Newbie here also.
I joined today,but won’t actually start until next week.I wanted time to familiarize myself with the app,the plan,shop and prepare.So looking forward to getting to know everyone.Heres to our great success ?

KJinLBC 3 years ago

Hi all, I’m excited to be joining the club! May we all be wildly successful reaching our goals!

Sonalchudasama 3 years ago

I m new here too just joined yesterday

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