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LadyEdana 7 years ago

I just signed up and set myself a 90 day goal, though I realize that I will not reach my goal weight in that time. I’m glad I found your website and thankful for a real opportunity to get healthy and reclaim my life.

Ossie-Sharon 7 years ago

Hi, Ms. Saroff, and welcome! No worries – the entire program is designed for people just like you. As soon as you set up your profile with your height, weight, and goal, you can enter the Menu Planner application (in “Apps” above), watch the instructional video, and get started selecting the foods you like (try to stick with ones that are in the lighter blues). A menu will be generated based on your choices and nutritional needs, low in sugar and salt, and which is supportive of insulin and glucose balance.


I need help setting this up….I’m insulin resistive….need low salt low sugar diet……can you help me…..

Support 7 years ago

For everyone who participated in the 60 days challenge please email results to all you need to do is report in your pounds lost during the challenge. Of course any feedback about the challenge is also appreciated

burch 7 years ago

I lost 8 pounds during the 60 day challenge. Would like to know what I need to do now so that you may donate to charity if you wish. God Bless.

TrimDownClub 7 years ago

UPDATE: Registration for the 60 Day Challenge 2015 is now closed. Thanks to everyone who is joining us for this Challenge–results will be posted at the end of the Challenge in March.

You can follow along with us at the 60 Day Challenge Facebook Page:

And of course you still have full access to your Trim Down Club program, including the Menu Planner and all the apps and guides.

Support 7 years ago

To get tips and guidelines that will help you get the most out of the menu planner application, simply click on the following link:

BrendaJS 7 years ago

Just starting. Finally got through setting my week one menu and printed it out. QUESTION: I thought I that on one of the videos I could do a shopping list, but now I can’t find it (nor can I find that video again). Help, where is it.

TrimDownClub 7 years ago

The 60 Day Challenge is an additional way to get more out of your Trim Down Club program. The goal is to maximize your weight loss in 60 days and donate to a great cause at the same time. Here’s how it works:

1. Go to the 60 Day Challenge Registration Page: and enter your email address in the box, and agree to the Terms and Conditions to register. It’s free and open to everyone.

2. You’ll get periodic email updates with weekly goals, tips, and access to special webinars just for Challenge participants.

3. If you are a TDC member, you can and should follow the TDC program during the Challenge as well, using the Menu Planner and other tools.

4. You can also share your progress, get inspired, and more on the 60 Day Challenge Facebook Page:

5. For every pound you lose during the Challenge, we’ll donate $1 to charity as per the Terms and Conditions. The 2015 Challenge begins January 5th but you can join anytime.

Best :))

Viewing 9 posts - 76 through 84 (of 84 total)

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