Looking for new ideas for your festive gatherings?

Want to upgrade traditional favorites to healthier options?

‘Tis the season to enjoy delicious food…here are some of our favorites. We hope they’ll become yours.

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2 glass cups of eggnog with cinnamon sticks on the side, on a festive Christmas themed table

1. Baked Eggless Potato Pancakes

For those celebrating Hanukkah (and for those who just love potatoes), these traditional latkes are a treat.

Eggless Potato Pancakes





2. Holiday Panettone

Panettone is an Italian holiday classic that makes a great alternative to fruitcake.


3. Pear-Cranberry Crumble

It’s not a pear tree, but pears are definitely the star in this delicious crumble.


4. Holiday Nog

What’s the holiday season without eggnog? And there’s nothing better than the taste of homemade.


5. Holiday Roast Game Hens

If you’re looking for a main course that will grab your guests’ attention, try these delicious roast game hens.


6. Sweet Potato Pie

Okay, maybe this one is really a Thanksgiving dish, but we love it so much that we want to eat it on Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice AND New Years’.


7. Nut Roast

A great option for non-meat eaters that still has a delicious holiday flavor.


8. Caramelized Portobello Onion Brisket

Here’s another vegan, gluten-free option that makes the most of decadent and hearty portobello mushrooms.


9. Confettied Lamb

Need we say more? The rich flavor of the lamb really comes out in this special occasion dish.


10. Homemade Whole Grain Bread

Start off your holiday meal with a healthy loaf of whole grain bread and some butter. Yum!

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  1. Hi, Pidge. Definitely a Mixed Green Salad, maybe our low-carb Creamy Cauliflower Mash or Pizza Pesto al Greco on the Cauliflower Pizza Crust and low-carb holiday mocktails to save up for a fun finger food dessert like Crispy Marshmallow Squares with some cut fruit.

  2. Hi, Terri, and welcome! We are neither, actually, but rather a global site. If you have questions, you can take advantage of the Community Forums (I participate in those) and Groups (Clubmembers only, no staff ), and if you need technical assistance, you can reach the helpdesk directly through the “Contact Us” link below.

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