Whether you are trying to keep your New Year’s resolutions or just want to change your body, chances are that you may be going about it all the wrong way. So many of us hit the gym week after week and run right for the treadmill.

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If you are looking to burn fat then cardio alone will never really help you to get there. You need a good balance that uses weight training as the core of these activities.

To burn fat you need to speed up your metabolism and change your body. This comes by shedding fat but also by building muscle. The problem is that so many people are convinced that weight training is going to make them big and bulky, when really this is not the case. For men or women, the very best way to burn fat once and for all is to combine weight training with a bit of cardio for best results. 

Breaking the Misconceptions

Here’s the problem, people think that sweating it out with cardio is the only surefire way to get rid of the fat. While cardio can help you to lose weight, these results are often temporary. You aren’t getting deep into the muscle and therefore you are not going to see the big changes that you are looking for within your body. It’s not to say that cardio doesn’t have a place but it should be used in conjunction with weight training, giving that first billing on the agenda.
If you lift weights you are not going to get big and bulky. This is the misconception, particularly by women, who fear that lifting weights will make them nothing but muscle and not feminine or attractive at that. While there are some that do get big and bulky, this is often by spending hours and hours at the gym and taking a combination of supplements. So cast aside your visions, fears, and misconceptions as it’s time to get serious!

Learning What Weight Training Can Really Do for You

The more muscle that you carry on the body the faster you burn fat. This in turn speeds up your metabolism and allows you to burn calories more efficiently. Sure you take your time more with weight training than you do with cardio. You may not sweat as readily, but check out your heart rate sometime and realize that something wonderful is happening within your body.
It is the repetitive motion and the increased weight that puts strain on the muscle. If you want to ask your body to change then you need to challenge it. You want to tire the muscle and only then will you start to shed fat and build up muscle. This is the result that many of us are after but we don’t even realize it. Losing weight is temporary—burning fat and building muscle is permanent and ideal!

Finding a Healthy Balance

Should you abandon your cardio efforts altogether? No, but you should definitely be combining it with effective weight training exercises. The cardio combined with the strenuous and repetitive motions of weight training will truly change your body. This is when you shed fat, speed up the metabolism, burn crazy calories, and really start to see your body change.
It’s important to find a healthy balance and what works for you. Start slowly with weight training and get yourself acclimated to the movements and equipment that work best for you. Try doing cardio as a warm up or at the tail end of a workout to get the best results. Any fitness regimen like this must of course be combined with good healthy eating. It’s all about the big picture and long term results and if you find your balance this will really change your body once and for all!

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  1. This is an excellent article, too much cardio combined with weight training can be counter productive to muscle gain.
    If you’re serious about weight training, pay attention to your core weight, not your total weight.

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