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Delgado53 1 year ago

HI, just joined. I am 69, office job, so tired when I get home its hard not to take a nap before going to bed! Sweets always at work, someone brings donuts, cake, candy, snacks! Need to work on some major self decipline.

Sharon2022 1 year ago

Hello Everyone,

I am really looking for support with coping with menopause and the emotional changes I have been experiencing. I did start taking Amberen for the last 3 months and it has helped me to regain some stability and decrease the night sweats. I am grateful for that. It was mainly to help with the emotional roller coaster I was experiencing and crying too! No one had warned me about the emotional side of this journey. So far this has decreased a lot of the symptoms!

Ossie-Sharon 2 years ago

Hi, cecip711, and welcome. We are happy to help you as much as we can. I hope you find the menus provide adequate guidance for portion control, and you can get an extra edge (especially over sweets) with a natural aid like PrebioThrive ( In addition, try keeping tempting foods out of your environment, and just prepare enough food for single servings so that leftovers don’t call to you.

Ossie-Sharon 2 years ago

Hi, Rose1961. Until a fellow clubmember chimes in, I can recommend a good home workout program that takes up minimal time – One and Done ( &aff_sub=sh). It is particularly good for menopause and beyond because it targets your core.

cecip711 2 years ago

i’m 81 and almost 20 pounds overweight. due to covid and problems in the u.s. i have stressed out and have gained pounds and inches. my portions and choices (sweets) are out of control. don’t know if i can lose weight online instead of one to one in person. btw, i passed menupause years ago!

Rose1961 2 years ago

I am 60 and I have been trying to lose weight for many years. I eat well but portion size is more of an issue for me. I try to be more active but working 50+ hours a week doesn’t allow for much spare time. Any suggestions from the group on how to be more active with less time? What foods do you prefer from the menu’s they suggest?

Redcurtains2 2 years ago

Is it necessary to eat the entire portions of the foods on the daily menu?
I am not used to snacking and with my job it would be hard to eat the snacks

slq111 2 years ago

I am 53 postmenopausal. I have been taking Primrose oil for the past 5 years, and it has helped me with the hot flashes, and night sweats. So it has been bearable. Primrose Oil is a plant-based estrogen OTC. You can ask your doctor.

trish3105 2 years ago

I am post menopause. I take hormone replacement and that helps with all the menopause systems. I under went back surgery in Jan of this year and gained weight and lost overall tone. I am back to swimming and like to walk when it is possible. Trying the Keto diet since I do not like fruits or veggies.

I want to lose weight and be tone again. Goal for weight loss. August 1st.

ElizabethKaren65 2 years ago

65 and postmenopausal. I am 50# overweight. I need a lot of supprt.

KatalinaMt 3 years ago

I’m 58 and going thru menopause as well, sweating is the worse and now my doc says I’m diabetic. I want the yeast infections to stop. So here I am trying something to get myself a chance to turn things around

COhlmann 3 years ago

Yes! I just joined today. How’s it going for you?

MrsOKeeffe 3 years ago


I’m 50 and going through menopause. I used to be a server and go to the gym Frequently.

Menopause,office job and being lazy has made me unfit. This is my wake up call. My goal is to be fit and toned by.
Anyone in the same boat?

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