You can enjoy healthy and delicious meals whether you’re dining alone or with a companion. Though it may feel different than cooking for a group, this guide will show you that similar principles apply.

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Shopping and Storing

Once you have your weekly menu planned out, a shopping list is always a good idea. It not only makes shopping and cooking easier, but if you stay focused on it, you can curb the temptation to buy random items at a momentary whim.

Right Sizing Food Preparation

Items are generally less expensive in larger amounts. You can take advantage of this by finding storage solutions for the “extras” – which are really just back-up. Freezing items – even those that normally don’t require freezing, such as dairy, grains, breads, nuts/seeds, and opened canned items – can extend the life of many products and ensure you always have healthy foods available. For the best quality, divide up the food into single portions while it’s fresh, then freeze it. For the best results, thaw and prepare only exactly enough for single portions for the meal – this can greatly reduce temptation to overeat just because edible leftovers are laying around.

Keeping  up a good stock of healthy light foods – especially those that most people don’t get enough of – is also wise. Canned vegetables, beans, and fruits make great quick additions to meals. Unless you buy the low-sodium and no-added-sugar varieties, do rinse canned produce under cold running water to lower their salt and sugar content. Dried foods are especially easily stored and portioned for one or two servings. Consider whole grains, such as quinoa, barley, and whole-grain pastas. Readymade foods, especially those that are healthiest (organic and minimally processed), can sometimes be pricey, so stock up when you find a sale.

Preparing for Convenience

You know there will be days when you don’t have the time to cook. In addition to shopping to stock up on back-up foods, you can plan ahead while cooking.
When you prepare a recipe, freeze several portions for re-heating throughout the week. Plan meals so that you can use the extra food in new dishes: rice as a side dish in one meal can later serve as an ingredient in a casserole or pudding; leftover chicken or tofu from a meal can later make for great sandwiches, soup, or a homemade chef’s salad; leftover meatloaf or Salisbury steak can be re-seasoned and used to stuff peppers. Take any leftovers to work in containers for the ultimate convenience.
Make and pack your workday foods the evening before you set out so you can use the limited morning time to get in a good breakfast.

Reducing the Size of Recipes

Many recipes can be “right-sized” for one or two servings – cut in half, thirds, quarters, etc. The following is a guide:

To learn more about the Trim Down Club meal plans, click here.

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    • Hi, Navagator. You can see how many exchanges are allotted to you by clicking on the “Exchange mode” icon in the toolbar above your menu. The exchanges have the following approximate nutritional values:
      1 carb exchange = 15 grams of carbohydrates + up to 3 grams of protein
      1 protein exchange = 7 grams of protein + up to 5 grams of fat
      1 fat exchange = 5 grams of fat
      1 fruit exchange = 15 grams of carbohydrates
      1 vegetable exchange = 5 grams of carbohydrates + up to 2 grams of protein
      1 sweet exchange = up to 15 grams of carbohydrates + up to 5 grams of fat
      1 free exchange = up to 5 grams of carbohydrates or up to 2 grams of protein or fat

  1. Could you tell me how big is a “cup” Please? Can thus be weighed as ounces or grammes? Also, if you have for instance 2 weetabix on your menu, how much milk can you use? I don’t actually like milk, it makes me feel nauseous, I can only use sterilized milk which I can only describe as pasteurised wholemilk that has been taken one srep further – tastes like ordinary milk that has been boiled and then gone cold and refrigerated! Don’t know if it is available in other countries so wasn’t sure if you were aware of it! Thank you, in anticipation of your reply.

    • Hi, Pauline. A “cup” is a volume measurement, just under 240 ml. For breakfast cereals such as Weetabix, we encourage about a cup – if you don’t see this option in your breakfast, you can swap any yogurt you see there or in your later morning snack; you can also use less if it makes you nauseous, or try soy milk.

  2. hello,
    i have only just purchased this and don’t know what the portions sizes for everthing should be, and in the intro video it said something about it is not necessarily bad to have high carbs as long as it is balanced out. What is the ratios, eg for carbs to protiens etc?
    Thanks in advance

  3. Hi, LCapito. That sounds fine. When you go through the Menu Planner, just select potatoes, olive oil, and meat, and they will appear on your menu. Note that you can also adjust your finished menu to ensure the right combination. You are also welcome to repeat this type of dinner as often as you like, including substituting it for whatever appears on your Trim Down Club menu.

  4. I love potatoes baked with a little olive oil drizzled over it with Rosemary seasoning Garlic & salt & pepper. I fix these a lot with our meat for dinner. Can anyone tell me if I substitute these with my Dinner if it’s bad?

  5. Hi,
    I jmiss chewing gum. Can I exchange something on the menu for gum? If the menu calls for 2 slices of bread, can I eat just one? If so, do I need to cut down something else at the same time? If I want to exchange a snack for a lunch is that OK? Then can I skip a snack of lunch meal? As long as I feel full, can I reduce the amount of food at each meal?

  6. Hi, dnebndr. You don’t have to push yourself – it’s great that you’re in tune with your hunger and satiety signals. Just be sure to keep your meals even, and not to load up at night. You can cut back to about 3/4 of what your menu provides, but we do suggest you make sure to get at least 5 fruit/vegetable servings and 3 servings of calcium-rich foods/beverages each day.

  7. When it says “oz” for quantity, its very difficult to determine how much is an ounce, like crackers, it says 2ounces, salad dressing says 1-2ounches, how much is that actually, one is liquid the other solid?? I tried finding some kind of chart but couldn’t!
    Can you help me out, to make things easier.

  8. Hi, must I stay with the menu that you have given me? The food is just to much for me to eat but I am trying to eat everything
    Finding hard to stay with the plan because it is taking me all day to cook and then eat when I need to eat. How often can I have wine and how much? Mary

  9. Hi, Shirley. There are many ways to sneak vegetables into your diet – for example soups and pasta sauces are the most common. ways to do this. Other options include baking pureed vegetables into muffins and cakes – carrots, squash, even cauliflower. We have a number of recipes with which you can experiment. When all else fails, you can substitute fruit for the vegetables, but be sure to cut out 1-1/2 carbs from the rest of your day to compensate for the extra sugar.

  10. Hi, rtalley1985. A recommended serving of wine is 4 fluid ounces (120 ml), and you can select it in the Menu Planner lists to have it fit into your menu. You will find it under the “Fats” category, “Beverages” subcategory.

  11. Due to preparation time, in getting food ready to take to work the following day, I have chosen restricted menu, on week two – is it possible to interchange the snack, lunch or dinner on my menu or is menu chosen for the right intake so must be adhered to strictly? thanks for support

  12. This is my first week and I’ve just finished my menu. I found it a bit difficult as the measurements were in American ‘cups’ . Would it be possible to create a link to a conversion to British weights and measures? I also don’t recognize a lot of the the foods on the list and would have no idea where to buy them.

  13. Hi, Marica. First, obsession with scales is something we’re really hoping might ease up – other indicators are a lot more reliable and might make you happier and more relaxed than worrying about numbers. These include your measurements (such as waist circumference) and how your clothes are fitting, in addition to how you are feeling. Second, if you are exercising, you will be swapping fat for muscle, which is heavier – so at the beginning, you may be getting slimmer while the scale stays the same. This can go on for about a month, but can be less.
    Soups are absolutely “allowed” during the 60-day challenge – in fact, they are encouraged. All of the amounts on the menu are for one person. If you are using the Ready-to-Go menu, it is personalized to the limitations and measurements you put in your profile, but using the full Menu Planner application (at a later stage of the 60-Day Challenge) will make your menus truly personalized (and flexible).

  14. hi, i edited my profile and it got updated but in the menus it remained the same. i also have some questions to ask please
    I m in the middle of the first week and doing fine, i m obsessed with scales and would like to know when i can see some movement?
    i would like also to ask if soups are allowed during the 60 day challenge as i didnt have in the menu this week
    is the amount/ serving given on the menu for one person? i think so as its personalized i think? thank you for your help and support. marica

  15. Hi, Tid. You can definitely add free vegetables to the meal in addition to others. As for fruits, the only “free” fruits are those considered vegetables, such as cucumber – sorry. Sweet fruits have too many sugar-type carbs to not be counted, though some summer fruits are lower in available carbs than others (blackberries, raspberries, strawberries). If you prefer fruit, I suggest that you get all your vegetables from the free list, and eat fruit instead of vegetables where noted in the menu but either lower-carb fruits or others (espcially now that it is winter) at 2/3 the portion (for example always small instead of medium, 2/3 cup instead of 1 cup, etc.).

  16. Hi Wondering if I can add “free” veg to meal as well as one serving of veg or salad? I am half way through week1 and would like to plan the menu for week 2. How can I do this? Are there any “free” fruits. I usually eat far more fruit then quantities eaten in the menu.

  17. Hi, wife of GeorgeR. Your husband needs a little less than 1-1/2 times what you are eating (so if you have 2/3 cup rice, he would have a full cup). If there is any way to get him active in some way, that would be a big boost to his health.

  18. Hi, Linda. Yes, it will get easier! Just get into it slowly and make your changes gradually. Eventually, you will hit your stride.
    As for your questions, one vegetable serving is about 1 cup for most types, though for those that decompress a lot during cooking (such as greens and tomatoes), 1/2 cup is a serving. “Dessert” wine just means sweet wine – you can have it whenever you wish.

  19. Hi, SchoolMarm. The seafood and meat options in the Menu Planner are listed under Proteins – be sure to click on that food group (near the top of the food list pages) and then look at the subcategories. Be sure to check out all the options under the major food groups. If you are still not finding what you need and the video tutorial didn’t help, please do contact tech support (through the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of every page).

  20. Hi, Audrey, and welcome! Though we would encourage you to get more exercise, you can go with your hunger signals, and if you don’t feel you need all the food to prevent hunger and are not a diabetic, you can mostly skip the snacks – just be sure to get a total of 5 fruit+vegetable servings and 3 calcium-rich food servings each day (so if any are in the snacks, don’t skip those!).

  21. what is the size of 1 veggie serving? and , some times I eat don’t breakfast til around 9 am so ,it seems I an spending most of my time making and eating my meals. when I get into this better I will be able to make ahead and just heat it up or take it out of frig. this is my first week.

  22. I have seen no option for seafood and very little choice of meat. Am I missing something? Everyone seems to think that they are getting a lot of food, but in my first attempt at a menu, I really don’t have anything cooked. What am I doing wrong?

  23. Hi, I have a question. I’m 79 yrs old and don’t get a whole lot of exercise except working in the garden. Do I need all the daily food? Perhaps I could eat breakfast, lunch n dinner— no snacks. Or— the 3 daily snacks and no br lunch n dinner? This is my first day and am trying my best to fit everything in. Thanks.

  24. Hi, Teresa222. Take it slow, ease into it, make small improvements – they will add up over time without overwhelming you. As for preparing the fish (and similar items), please do take advantages of the recipes in our collection (like above) – even if you don’t use them exactly as they are, you can get ideas. For example, these recipes are for salmon, but halibut can definitely be substituted.

  25. Hi, first day with the program is so overwelming, too much to get started but I’m hopping once I get going it will smooth out, question— I finish my daily menu I love fish and it came up as a portion with the daily meal, like 4oz of Halibut, but how do I prepare the portion?

  26. Hi, Ccgreen. Many other Clubmembers are in a similar spot. Keep in mind that it is all about eating whole, unprocessed foods, and you don’t have to do anything fancy. Many of the healthiest foods are basic and need only quick preparation. To get flavor, you don’t need intricate recipes – herbs, spices, and similar seasonings – and even savory vegetables such as onions and fennel – can go a long way in making you healthy AND flavoring your food within little effort, while making a fast meal. Remember, a meal is just 3-4 food groups in one – a protein (meat, dairy, or plant-based), carbohydrate, and fruit or vegetable. In the Menu Planner application, you can make easy food selections, not necessarily using any recipes (which can be intimidating), and just focus on doing the best you can. For meals on-the-go, the following are some fast and easy options:
    – Nuts, seeds, and/or dry fruit (separately or as a trail mix)
    – Crackers and cheese or cold cut slices
    – Sandwiches
    – Fresh fruit and vegetables
    – Soups and shakes in thermoses (see our recipe collection in the link above)

  27. I have found the new eating plan very easy to adapt to and have a very busy career and home life. The strong focus on fresh and portion balance of carbs and protein has changed how I think about meals. Once you get the feel of how many carbs/proteins/fruit/veg/fats per meal and snack then you can get creative and find easy meals and foods that you can travel with. I have managed carefully to adapt the shopping to stay within budget. I have an immune deficiency and osteoarthritis and have found the new eating plan has eased the symptoms and increased my energy – Thank you

  28. Hi, ctreanor. You can see the exchanges in your menu by clicking on “Exchange View” in the toolbar above your finished menu. The exchanges correspond to the American Diabetic Association exchanges (you can see our list here: We don’t use calories in this program, but rather focus on meeting your nutritional needs. The amount of calories you posted is much too low for you, and will more than likely result in rebound weight gain and disrupt your glucose balance. In this program, we start you higher, and as you lose, the amounts drop with you.

  29. Hi, Blue77. That’s exactly right! Give it time. You can also eat a lighter lunch if that helps. If after a couple of months you still find yourself struggling, please do repost, and I would be more than happy to troubleshoot with you.

  30. I am so hopeful but so scared I won’t be able to keep up with this. I work 5 days a week and eating lunch is very uncomfortable for me. My stomach tightens up and makes me physically ill. Too much going on to quietly eat my lunch . At home I do ok, except I am so bushed, I hardly have energy to fix substantial food. I try and eat healthy but pre-made food is EASY. If I could get on a schedule to fix meals for the week that would be fine but there are just so many hours in a weekend along with all the chores that have to be done. I live alone so pushing myself to cook for one is problematic. BUT I sound like I am trying to talk myself out of this. I desperately need to make this work. Give it time and don’t let it overwhelm me on the first day.

  31. Just joined today, I don’t know how this link just popped up, I was goggleing ways to cook my carrots…wow. Must be magic, I have been thinking about changing my diet and losing weight lately. Something mystical is happening, I am excited. I don’t like to cook everyday so I chose the 2nd option for menus, some of the food I am not familiar with can I substitute some of the food? Looking forward to talking with you again.

  32. I have also just joined recently and am trying to work out my meal plans. I’m sure I have clicked on too many things from each food group as there is no way I can eat that amount of food. I’m eating less than that now and am not losing weight. Not sure what I’m doing wrong when I enter my food choices!!

  33. I JUST JOINED and have my personal menus for the week am I suppose to choose one thing from the list of breakfast items, one from snack 1, one from lunch, etc. or is every thing listed for each meal , for example on Monday. suppose to be prepared and eaten if so this is certainly a lot of food

  34. Hi, Mary. The form of the almonds doesn’t matter 🙂
    As for the vegetables, it depends on the type. In the Menu Planner, click on the Vegetable button to see how they are grouped in terms of limited or free. Starchy vegetables, such as corn and potatoes, are of course measured by 1/2 cup exchanges.
    There aren’t any fruits that are “free” (unlimited) because they are higher in sugar, which means their contribution to daily intake adds up faster.

  35. I know this is a American plan, and having lived in American I know a lot of the foods you are talking about. But I would love to see a British version to the plan i.e. shopping list ect.. as I can’t find a lot of the food in my menu planner.. For example..SW bread. What do I look for here?

  36. Hi Caroljane here. Thanks for this but I am still confused by “Cups”. The trimdown cookbook has actual weights and I have gone through that in the meantime but thanks for answering my email. I always rinse canned beans, canned fish, etc to remove sauces and salt/sugar. If the fish is in olive oil then I leave a little of that. I have been on the quick plan for a week now and had to belt my shorts this morning. Although I haven’t lost much weight in pounds I have obviously lost some tum and hips. Goodie!

  37. Hi, MayaMarlee. In general, matzah meal is like flour, so 2 Tbsp. is one carbohydrate exchange – so each matzah ball is 1/2 exchange, and each board is 2 exchanges if it is white, or 1 if it is whole wheat. The chicken soup part (which is essentially broth) is “free” .

  38. With Passover coming up next week ,I was wondering how to incorporate it into this program? What is 1 board of matzah equivalent to? Matzah ball soup is also a main dish of this holiday. What is a cup of chicken soup with 1 matzah ball equivalent to?


  40. Started Feb 14th, but have been really focused since the beginning of the year. I am a bit overwhelmed with all the special ingredients or things I don’t recognize that are part of your diet plan. I really hoped that it would be simple to find everyday foods, I would love to make some of the recipes and have bought spelt flour and then rice flour only to find out it was supposed to be brown rice flour and I have never even noticed rice flour before. I am determined but not sure I can follow your diet.

  41. I’m a bariatric patient (seven years out) and need 24 oz milk and 90 Grams protein each day. Is there a way to tell the protein Grams for each day’s food? 2 oz of protein a meal is tooooo little for me. I realize the dairy and nuts are protein, but how much?

  42. I too am new (5 minutes) on here and find it all overwhelming. My initial concern is that I live on a small island off the coast of Scotland and have no way of getting the majority of the items in this diet plan. I need something based on simple foods. I certainly can’t buy any of the fancy grains and dried goods you speak of. Even breakfast has me flummoxed. Can’t you just recommend an easy breakfast menu? I usually eat wholemeal bread with whole grains and marmalade with fresh juice and tea. How can I change this to something simple from your menu?

  43. I take leftovers from last night’s dinner for lunch next day and add or adjust other items according to
    your menu. Main dish such as soup, a whole grain roll, a piece of fruit, a cup of milk or hot tea. Works
    very well.

  44. I’m new . I’m preparing n reading. I plan to start jan 29! Organized my meals, printed my list and will shop payday 1/28. Yes,I like the decrease portion size for cooking. I like the ability to substitute items thus it should work for everyone. Just need to make changes which is ok cuz u give us many choices. For others concerned with portions it helps to know a serving of a item. Often listed on pkg. example 11 almonds is a serving. My only question is why is fish oil listed 3x day on the menu? Thanx!

  45. Thank you – the size chart for recipes is great – thanks for that. I have tried the freezing of meals to eat in the week but they just aren’t as tasty plus the fact of feeling you have to eat them up and it seems all the same then. So the reducing of the recipe is much better.


  47. I’m struggling with portion sizes, but it’s because many of the weights are cooked weights. There doesn’t appear to be any dry weights. Can someone help please? Is there anywhere I can look for these dry weights.

  48. Hi, Isabella37. Different fruits have different weights per cup, but generally it is about 130-150 grams. Garlic is a ‘free’ food, so you don’t need to account for it in the Menu Planner – use as much as you can handle! It is one of the healthiest things out there.

  49. Hi, Deberann. You can read about success stories here It can be overwhelming at first, but that feeling doesn’t last. Just a big push (energy investment) at the beginning, some tweaking to find your comfort zone, and eventually it can become second nature. Don’t worry about being perfect – just ease into it, do a little better than you did before – each time – and the little improvements will add up. Take advantage of this and other forum topics, too, to get some support if you want it.

  50. Wow I just purchased this trim down diet, after reading everyone’s comments, sound like a lot of issues with servings. Like I said just purchased and now feeling overwhelmed. Is there anyone who has good positive outcome?..I will say the amount of food to purchase is amazing. Sure don’t want to waste money..

  51. I am a new member and I agree with the members who are concerned about portion size. Most people who join are focusing on a serving size for on person. Most moms who join know how to increase the serving size for lager family by doubling or tripling the serving size. It is much more difficult to go backwards and make the meal into a serving size for one person. Most members are looking for a recipe that is ready to go for one person just in case their family does not want to go on the diet with them.

  52. Have you come up with the per meal balance of protein, carbs and fat yet?
    I have been off for a long time and where I live there are very few organic foods available and no grass fed anything.
    A ration would be helpful for meal planning. I work 10 hour days so most of the time at might we grab whatever. I need some help with planning my meals and snacks.

  53. Hello I am a new member. I was hoping these menu and recipes could help me but not so sure now. I am lactose intolerant , fructose which means wheat intolerant and also intolerant to a lot of fruits and vegetables. I certainly could not eat all of this food way to much for me. Really need some help.

  54. I am just starting and find my first grocery list and menu overwhelming. I am just cooking for myself. One thing I clicked on was a question of a lot of variety, some variety … and what I should have hit was keep it simple I am busy. I can not find that now on the menu planner to change? Help please

  55. Hi, faeree. When you create your shopping list, you have the option of selecting how many servings you want for each of the recipes you selected in the Menu Planner food lists. Be sure to go over each one.
    In the meantime, we are currently adding a feature to each recipe through which you can change the servings. See this recipe here – scroll all the way to the end of the recipe itself, to where it states “Serves” and click on “Fewer Servings” (you will get a pop-up box with a drop down menu through which you can select 4 or 8 servings). Most of the recipes here serve 4-8, with the notable exception of staples (such as tortillas/wraps), desserts, and holiday foods.

  56. Hello . Just joined today and eager to start but feel a bit overwhelmed. I chose the foods I knew I’d eat for the Menu Planner and did not understand the repetition of foods. Then I looked at the Daily Food Plan for me, which included some foods I did not select?? Then I looked at the grocery list! I don’t understand why some dishes are for 1-2 servings and others are for 6-8! When I go shopping for my items I don’t want to get any more than is needed for a serving or two. If I want to make more of a particular dish I know how to double or triple a recipe. I joined this Club hoping to simplify my eating plan, not to have to figure out what’s too much or too little, and certainly not to buy too much with the price of groceries. Hopefully I’ve gotten too much info for my first day and it will simplify over time. Is this how this program works?

  57. Hi, cansI91. You can definitely saute (or steam) the vegetables to make them better tolerated by your system. Regarding nuts, they are generally not recommended in diverticulosis, not is popcorn or fruits/vegetable with relatively hard casings such as peas and corn, or seeds, such as pomegranate.

  58. Hi, kalbaugh. What about the food combinations makes you uncomfortable? Protein is a very important component of meals, as it helps with glucose and insulin balance, which are key to a healthy metabolism and to satiety (to prevent overeating).
    Regarding vegetables, note that what appears in your menu is only the minimum of the minimum – we have a free vegetables list, and encourage as many servings as possible of these. See the list here

  59. Hi, binesme. If you are busy, then finding a way to get the foods into your lifestyle necessitates making choices as you are doing. Frozen is definitely preferred over canned, so it looks like you’re doing great.

  60. I have just joined trim down hoping it would be an inexpensive alternative to the program I use now. However after being in my other program for three I have learned that anytime you eat it must be a combination of carbs & protein to prevent blood sugar spikes. Small servings of protein for breakfast, snacks & dinner. Large serving of protein at Lunch. I noticed in my menu that the snacks only include carb or protein & I’m not comfortable with that. Also there seems to be too much grain & bread and not enough vegetables.

  61. Hi there, newby here.

    For the vegetables, my digestive system does not do well with many of the raw vegetables. I have closely monitored diverticulitis. Many of the high fiber foods also cause me problems. I found that if I sauté them a bit, they are better for my system. Same with nuts. Any problem with this or do you have any other suggestions. Thank you.

  62. Hi, Magke. Kamut is a wheat-related grain that is prepared like rice; edamame are green soybeans that are steamed and eaten like peas-in-a-pod or pureed to make dip, etc. You can read more about them here;
    You can find these items in health-related stores, and even in some large grocery stores (kamut in the grains section, edamame in the freezer section), as well as online (including Amazon).

  63. Hi, Jennie68. It is a component of the program that the weight will come off slowly – this way, the loss is more likely to be long-term. If you feel you are really struggling, I suggest you enter one of the related forums (in “Community” above) and post – I can work with you there.

  64. Hi, Pat. In the Menu Planner are a variety of foods, including those that are more familiar to most people (including regular dairy). Since it is arranged for a variety of tastes, just ignore what you don’t like. If you want to substitute simpler versions of foods that appear in your menu, that’s fine, too.
    As for the issue about multiple meals, that is one of the main principles of the program, and considered rather important in maintaining metabolic balance (especially if you are a diabetic or pre-diabetic) and preventing hunger. However, as long as you get it at least three well-spaced meals, and do not feel too hunger or get the urge to binge, you’ll do fine. If you want to go the 3-meal/day route, just move the snack portions to the preceding meal (or in the case of the morning snack, divide it between breakfast and lunch); if you do not want to eat too many different foods, just increase portions of foods that are in similar food groups (for example, if you have one slice of bread at breakfast and a serving of crackers at mid-morning, just have two slices of bread at breakfast). Th

  65. this is very labor intensive… how can I just make simple meals and stay on this diet. like Broiled fish or chicken, some veggies and a salad would be fine. 5 meals are too much to eat and also prepare. how can we simplify? Also I will not eat Goat cheese, soy milk or any other of those strange vegan things… is there some plain ordinary food that I can substitute? Help?? Pat

  66. I just started the program three days ago. I love it!! I have been given steroids for a condition I suffer and was told one of the side effects is weight gain! So I began to research and came across this program. I lost 3 pounds already and I cannot believe the amount of food I’m eating!

  67. Hi, Keith Treadway. Serving sizes vary according to the type of food.

    Hi, dcevens, pjsh, and Valerie 88. The online recipes have serving sizes and numbers. Newer recipes (other than those for holiday celebrations) yield small amounts, i.e. for 2-4 servings. To answer your other questions, see the second paragraph of the article, entitled “Shopping and Storing”.

    Hi, ThinnerKaren. The intention is for you to eat all the food on your menu. The goal is to keep your metabolism up and prevent hunger, as well as meet your nutritional needs.

    Hi, Rita Underwood. Please post your query in one of the Forums, and I would be happy to help you. I assure you this program is definitely not one-size-fits-all, and you can get individual support.

    Hi, Elaynedek. The foods are available in Australia, but they are most easily found by doing an internet search for the shops or online sites (some will ship for free over a certain amount). In general, however, if you eat fresh, unprocessed foods and pay attention to portion sizes and the health principles discussed in the Club’s online guides, you will benefit.

    Hi, Debbo22. It may seem like a lot of food, as most diets are based on not giving you enough. The program is based in part on principles of a diabetic diet, and is quite low in carbs (about 40-45% of energy, compared to 50-65% in the usual western diet).

  68. Thanks but can you tell me how many servings the recipes in the download 122 page Cookbook are for? Is it 4? Many on the site itself specify this but this is not so in the Cookbook.
    Also can you advise me about how I translate American cup measurements into ounces or grammes? I have one book that has some conversions but they seem different for different food groups and my list does not include vegetables, fruit etc.
    Many thanks for your help.

    Off out to buy ingredients!


  69. Slimcaro…your comments are very helpful! I just now started this program so will keep all your points in mind as I travel down the road of this new venture. I’m doing this program by myself so will cut the recipies waaaaaay down and will eat that same meal each day until until the prepared food is gone – then move on to the next recipe. This may mess up my weight loss program but…I can’t afford to spend more than I’m budgeting now for meals plus I can’t justify throwing food away either. Wish me luck!

  70. I downloaded a week of menu but on investigation, it would appear that it would cost far more than my budget allows,and that lots of food is not available in australia, I do have to live on an aged pension, therefore would like a less expensive menu Can that happen

  71. Have a hard time understanding how some people are saying it is to much food… the basic omelette- 1 egg serves 2 ,health veggie quiche- serves 16, Almond chicken Apricot Delight- 4 chicken breasts serves 8, Savory salmon steak- 2 oz each, classic mashed potatoes- 4 medium potatoes to feed 8 people ?????
    How can this be to much food? If the make of the menu was shown before buying the program, never would have bought.
    Also had the impression that the menu they made up was for myself, not 16 or 8 servings.

  72. No matter what the recipe or suggested quantities given, to lose weight, one must consume less calories than expending and women must eat less and exercise more. This is a true fact, even in trying to lose belly fat. Much more difficult for women. So, I generally go by these recipes but eat much less than suggested, while using my elliptical 1 hour before breakfast. I do fat burning, stand up, belly exercises because I am 72 and have some lower back problems. Using this method, I have lost 9 lbs. in about 35 days which is good, I am told. I walk when I can, extra, climbing stairs instead of elevators, etc. As we age, very difficult to lose the weight quickly… to impossible. I refuse to give up and in using these recipes, I do not use nearly as much of the grains, like brown rice, I replace with veggies, never corn or white rice or potato. I lost 30 days trying to do these recipes exactly, with exercise and lost only 2 lbs. Just too much food intake, even though healthy for most people. To eat all this, we would have to exercise about 3 hours each day, heavily and this is impossible for most of us. Each of us has different needs, but we must remember, this is only a guide as we must use more calories than we take in…… matter how healthy the foods are. I still use a smaller dinner plate and focus on 1/2 plate = veggies/fruits, 1/4 = protein and 1/4 = grains. This is working for me at my age so might possibly help some of you. I gained over 20 lbs. in 5 weeks during the two big holidays. It has been work to figure out what will work to get this weight back to what I was before Thanksgiving. I refuse to buy larger clothes and will keep on till I lose the rest and can wear my size 10 jeans. I use this as my guide, not necessarily my weight number. Remember, use some 5 lb weights in some of your exercises and tone up as muscle burns more calories for longer periods of time. FYI: I got Jillian Michaels “Standing Ab exercises which are great. (Free on her web page). Only 4 to do, 3 reps of 20 for each. I learned to do them prior to eating breakfast, during the first hour up and then eat my breakfast. I drink 8 oz water and exercise. Keeps the metabolism working longer. Don’t get hungry but about every 3 hours eat something healthy, not necessarily all they suggest for snacks. Eat nothing after 7:30 pm is my rule and is working. Hope this helps some of you and gives you some encouragement. It is hard but worth it! Be Healthy and enjoy your life!

  73. I have found when you print the receipe from your weekly menu plan it has Preparation Time; Cooking Time; Difficulty
    Rating; Serving Size; and Servings. On the Cashew Chicken Wraps- The receipe calls for 8 wraps so it makes 16 servings. So a serving size is one half wrap. Check out the Menue planner.

  74. I already figured out cutting the recipes back but still find it difficult to use the food before it becomes “old” as it cannot always be purchased in the correct quantity and freezing just doesn’t work for some items. I’ve tried repeating the day’s menu the next day or day after but then the other food purchased goes to “old” status. Also, living in AZ, you don’t feel like cooking on top of the stove or firing up the oven. Until now, my chicken, pork, and turkey burgers were cooked on the grill and I used frozen vegetables. I’ve been on your plan for 5 weeks and haven’t lost anything. I’ve been adding exercise but can only do a limited amount due to arthritis so now I’m not sure what direction to go. It sure would be nice to speak to someone without having to pay by the minute. I feel like this program may be a one size fits all. I’ve read some of the Community comments and see there are others who are finding it difficult also to loose weight. Forever stilling trying!!!

  75. When it comes to serving size I always resort to my cellphone app for calories and nutrients. I know how many calories I have to “spend” for a given meal, what I need in nutrients, etc. That tells me what portion of a recipe I can have; that is, what my own “portion size” is for that meal. If it seems like it won’t be enough to satisfy, I change to a different food or add vegetables which improves saity and increases nutrients at a minimum calory “expense.”

  76. This still does not make any mention of the number of servings many of the recipes are for. It is hard to know starting out if a recipe is 1-2-4 or 6 servings. Please give me some idea of how I can determine this. This article has only ideas of how to use and/or store extra food.
    I am specifically asking about the recipes that are in your cookbook at this time, and the number of servings they were for which they were designed.
    Thank you

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