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phyllisadellesherer 1 month ago

Hi there! I just made my 1st post and want to make sure it’s seen, I am having a technical issue with the MENU app… see post here:
I’d also like to add all the mods as friends, please…

SPOOKYCHEWS1020 2 months ago

Hi diabetic and just joined I read alot of the topics but I’m abit unsure I can’t see anywhere it saids to put your weight as I like to keep track of my weigjt also there’s no where saids what carbs is in the menus so I would like some tips on that please


I thought this was the Klinio diet? What changed:

CindyLewis70 2 months ago

Has anyone found an actual Foods List for the TDC diet? I like to keep that type of info close at hand and make my own combinations sometime.

Ossie-Sharon 10 months ago

Hi, Faith021, and welcome. You have definitely come to the right place. If you have any nutrition questions, I would be happy to help.

Ossie-Sharon 10 months ago

Hi, bellazu. You can right-size any recipe with this reference –

Faith021 10 months ago

Hi, I just joined this group due to some notes from my doctor. I have type 2 and I am looking for ways to lose weight and keep it off, I am looking for support and tips and other things. I have been reading this forum and will be coming back to it everyday if need be.

bellazu 10 months ago

I’m curious why some of the recipes make such a large amount. For instance the mixed salad serves 8. I live alone snd 8 servings would go to waste. What do you all do?

Ossie-Sharon 1 year ago

Hi, Sharisw. You can get an idea of how to prepare those items from our main program guide, which discusses healthy food preparation, or from our searchable recipes collection. And yes, soft goat cheese can definitely be substituted for cream cheese!

Sharisw 1 year ago

Hello, I’m just sorting out the meal.plan and planning the week. I ve a couple questions. 4 oz of chicken or 6 oz of shrimp is included in the meal, is there a guideline for how it should be cooked? Can soft goat cheese be substituted for cream cheese?

Kayers 1 year ago

This program is a rip off in my opinion

ccbartley 1 year ago

Are there people active on here now? I’ve been looking for recent posts from others to make friends to do this with.

Ossie-Sharon 1 year ago

Hi, Busymomami, and welcome!. The best way to measure ounces is with a small scale or measuring cup (once ounce is 1/8 cup or 2 tablespoons), or if you are used to grams and ml, each ounce is equal to 28 grams or ml. Can you tell me which protein shake you use? If it is homemade, what are the ingredients (with amounts)?

Busymomami 1 year ago

Hello, I’m new and am not sure of a few things. How do I measure Oz? Also I drink a protein shake as my breakfast. How can I add that into my days?
Thank you and I’m very excited to get started.

Ossie-Sharon 1 year ago

Hi, Mama2016. I don’t have access to your food diary, but perhaps you can post here the differences between your menu and what you are doing (for example, which foods you are leaving out). Also, what is your physical activity like?
On my end, I am working with the tech team to see if there is something that can be done with your menu here. It may be that you are getting too much food.
In the meantime, you can try cutting down on eggs (to 1 per day), and see if that makes a difference.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 973 total)

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