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 Ossie-Sharon 5 days ago

Hi, Gail. If it is too much food, you can definitely cut back on some items. Since you seem to be dawn to low-carbohydrate options, you can cut back on the starchy carbohydrates in your menu. Taking your Monday menu as an example, you can leave out the breakfast crackers and morning snack English muffin and spread, as well as the afternoon snack pretzels and evening snack graham crackers. You can then increase the amount of protein at lunch, if you wish – for example, 6 ounces of fish or chicken.
We don’t generally encourage processed products such as Atkins shakes, which also contain artifical ingredients, as these can work against your efforts here. If you wish to drink your snacks, we have a collection of “shake” and “smoothie” recipes that could be much better for you.

 gailhellerfollin 5 days ago

I cant eat all the food on this diet in one day can I substitute the a
snacks with two atkins shakes a day?

 Ossie-Sharon 2 weeks ago

Hi, Alphatia. You’re not a pain at all! ☺ Yes, the recipes are here for your use. You can incorporate the into your menu by substituting the “Exchanges per Serving” (visible at the ends of the recipes) with the exchanges allotted to ypu for the meal or snack for which you want to use the recipe (exchanges are visible by clicking on the “Exchange mode” icon in the toolbar above your menu.

 Alphatia 2 weeks ago

Sorry to be such a pain with all my questions. But I have a bad sweet tooth especially at night. I seen the recipes on desserts. Am I aloud to eat them in my plan ?

 Ossie-Sharon 3 weeks ago

Hi, Alphatia. Those flours aren’t essential here, just mainly used for a gluten-free diet. If you don’t need that, you can use regular whole wheat flour.

 Alphatia 3 weeks ago

Almond and rice flour can’t is only in specialty stores and their way to expensive. What can I use?

 Ossie-Sharon 1 month ago

Hi, Loose19, and welcome. Yes, we encourage fresh, relatively unprocessed, whole and natural foods. To get started, you can either use the “8-Week Plan” (link on the home page) to become acquainted with the program and build a menu, or you can click on “My Menu” (also on the home page) to get an instant menu, then make specific selections through the “My Food Choices” link in the toolbar above the menu. That link will bring you to food lists from which you can choose, while being guided by a color-coding system in which the healthiest foods are in the lighter blue shades. If you would like more help with making food choices, take advantage of our articles in the “Tips and Tricks” section of the site (link at the top of each site page), and get ideas for healthy food preparation in our searchable “Recipes” collection.

 Loose19 1 month ago

I just joined today. I was just wondering ok I hv limited food but I hv good eggs and cream of rice raisins and butter is this ok

 Ossie-Sharon 1 month ago

Hi, Alarrison. Try this reference:

 Alarrison 1 month ago

Please Help! I am the only person in my household doing this and just started working on my meal plan but I can’t figure out how to convert the recipes to smaller servings. My Mom is doing the Keto diet and we are going to compare.

 Oteoi 2 months ago

I love peanut butter, can I use it as a free spread and if not how can I include it in my daily menu.

 Ossie-Sharon 2 months ago

Hi, tstinso86. Sure! Up to a tablespoon (15 ml).

 tstinso1986 2 months ago

Can pudding be a free spread on bread

 Oteoi 4 months ago

Tips on eating out.

 Ossie-Sharon 5 months ago

Hi, hebuehne. Meltable cheese would be block cheeses such as cheddar, mozzarella, Jack, gouda, provolone, etc.

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