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 Nissan16 3 hours ago

I want recipes with lower sugar

 drsko67 1 week ago

Where do I change the servings for my meals. I want to print out my grocery list and it’s telling me to change my servings. I’m only cooking for me and no one else.

 ISUringman 3 weeks ago

This may be off topic but I could’t find my specific topic…
Does trimdownclub have an app on the App Store (apple)?

 Ossie-Sharon 1 month ago

Hi, Mamicke6012. “SWG” stands for “sprouted whole grain.” You can read more about it here:

 mamick6012 1 month ago

What does “SWG” stand for? Is there a cheat sheet for some of these abbreviated terms? lol

 Ossie-Sharon 3 months ago

Hi, ksanders101. Definitely!

 ksanders101 3 months ago

Can I use monk fruit sweetener in my tea during the day?

 Ossie-Sharon 3 months ago

Hi, Masks44. Meat, fish, poultry, etc. amounts in the menu are raw, while starchy foods are cooked/baked.

 Masks44 3 months ago

Newbie here when it says 3 oz of beef or chicken or turkey I’m assuming I’m guessing that’s cooked or raw

 Ossie-Sharon 3 months ago

Hi, Sbulifant. I would recommend to fold any produce and protein into the next meal. Never mind the carbohydrates, unless you want them.

 Sbulifant 3 months ago

If I miss a snack, should I skip it or fold it into the next meal?

 Emmajane22 4 months ago

It’s all measured correctly to the 1 portion recipe I get it’s just way to much for me to eat

 Ossie-Sharon 4 months ago

Hi, Dawniedark. Great idea. Here is a reference for those who prefer to right-size rather than make a head –

 Ossie-Sharon 4 months ago

Hi, Emmajane. Of course!

 Ossie-Sharon 4 months ago

Hi, Emmajane. Of course!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 929 total)

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