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VanessaMichaels 9 years ago

I have a big family wedding to go to next febuary. So I want to get down 2 sizes and have a flatter tummy by then.

Support 10 years ago

Here’s the place to share what motivates and inspires you. Let us know the one sentence that keeps you going, the ways you get yourself motivated, and how you reward yourself when you meet your goals (even the small ones).

Also, a few words about rewards:

A reward system is very important—it can keep you on track and help you ease into life on the other side of your goals.

Even if you’re not making the sort of progress you had hoped, it is important to reward yourself for every little step. This can help to maintain motivation when you need it most.

Choose mini-milestones: These can be related to increments of loss in weight, inches/centimeters, clothing sizes, or even decreases in overall portion sizes or amounts of unhealthy processed foods or sugars, and increases in time dedicated to physical fitness and in endurance.

Rewarding yourself for making positive changes can be especially important if you are not meeting your goals as quickly as you would have liked.

Choose fitting rewards: Don’t reward yourself with food. Instead, see a good movie, buy a good book, take a fun trip, etc. When you have made significant progress, new clothes in your new size or the return of the favorite clothes that you had outgrown can be tremendously euphoric.

Save money you would have spent on snacks, especially in expensive places, such as the movies, and put it toward something really special.

Viewing 2 posts - 271 through 272 (of 272 total)

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