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carmel 9 years ago

early days for me as only just joined. I have been looking extensively at this diet in order to adapt it to foods in england, and things like zucchini which is courgette here ( a whole new language), i found the special bread if bought in england very expensive and who wants to order it and wait for delivery, bread should be fresh as possible, so I am looking at all alternatives. i want it to work so will try to make it happen which is half the battle.good luck to everyone trying,if only loosing was a s easy as gaining!!

marilynprange 9 years ago

I joined yesterday, Jan 1, 2013. I am a little afraid of all of the carbs i see on the plan, but really like the hope of balancing my hormones.
Blood tests tell me that my thyroid is exhausted! Hope this helps so I don”t need meds.

dawnrosie 9 years ago

hi, ive just joined today as well.

Support 9 years ago

I joined the Trim Down Club a little over month ago and I haven’t looked back since.
When I joined I was afraid to stop eating fast food, but now I look in the mirror and I can see firsthand what happens when you believe in yourself and a system that works.
I never thought becoming healthier would be so easy and now after loosing 6 pounds I feel my life is going somewhere. At this pace I will be at the beach comfortable with my body and not embarrassed by others watching over me !

Seaborngirl 9 years ago

I have just started today….much more food than I am used to during the day, and way more starches which are a problem to my digestive system…so will have to see how it goes. I am very tired and lack energy, so am keen to see how this will change things. Cheers girls….

JohnnySpankins 9 years ago

…just as a “caution”…maybe following the recommended diet is not a bad idea. Due to the fact I cut fast food and typical menu selections from the past out of my daily meals, I’ve started noticing a significant loss of energy mid-day. I crave almond butter…which I interpret as either a lack of iron and/or lack of protein. I’m down 15 pounds in 3 weeks but I’ve made a conscious decision to follow the diet to get the recommended balance back. I’m learning a lot on this journey. : )

Honeybuns 9 years ago

An update……I finished my first week very pleased, 5 lbs. down. I can’t believe some of the lunches, 1 cup of potatoes + 4 oz. of meat & another vegetable. I usually cut back on the starches, as I don’t see how all those calories can help to lose weight. (Many lunches call for a cup of brown rice – too much for me.)

NDR23 9 years ago

I have been on this diet for 10 days and I have already lost 4 pounds in the first week. The first few days was hard. I almost didn’t want to measure my weight because for some reason I thought it wouldn’t work. But now I am on track and can’t wait to measure myself at the end of this week.

JohnnySpankins 9 years ago

I probably shouldn’t write this…but I haven’t exactly followed the recommended diet…but eventually I will. My first objective was to quit eating the crap food this site identified and start eating healthy snacks and LOTS of fruit and vegetables. Last month, I tore my MCL (knee) so exercise has to wait…its all diet…and in 2 weeks (since I started TDC) I’ve lost 10 pounds and have dropped by diastolic 20 points. I actually look forward to getting on the scales in the mornings and logging my diet and weight on this site…it’s turned into a wee bit of an obsession for me…lol…but I’m feeling better than I have in years! : )

Honeybuns 9 years ago

I have been on the diet for 5 days and find it pretty easy to follow, as you never get hungry. It appears I have lost 3 lbs already, but it may be due to past poor eating habits & drinking the water. However, I am optimistic that if I stay on course, I will lose the weight. I would love to hear from those of you who have been following the plan for some time & how you have done. How many pounds? How much time? What was your biggest challenge? Thx…hope to hear from you.

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