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Hi, hebuehne. You can use that oil for salad dressing or to cook meat, or even make a sauce for the starch.
Regarding your medication, exercise may help with that – something like Pilates or yoga may also be good adjunct therapy.

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I am on my 10th week and have lost 15 lbs. Unfortunately, my loss has really slowed down due to my cancer medication affecting my metabolism. However, I have started taking L-carnitine which should help. Now to my question. In the menu, I find items like 1 Tbsp of Almond oil with nothing to use it with. What do you do with this? How do others handle this?

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Hello Ossie Sharon, I joined 9 days ago. On my 1 week marker I have lost 2 pounds! I have some problems and some questions. First I just can’t eat all this food.I am 60 years young but I am disabled with a really messed up back so the “very active” person I was 8 years ago has become a much more “stationary” person, the 18 months of steroids and numerous operations didn’t help either. I gained 60 pounds in 8 months! Now it has to go!!! I live by myself so the motivation has to come from inside. There is way to much cooking for me and a lot of things on this menu I have never heard of. These things I tend to just leave off . Any suggestions to help me?? from anyone?? that understands my problems?? I just discovered the journal on here and will be using it as well.

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Hi, simonsez, and congratulations! The most reliable (and healthiest) way to give your body a boost here is through physical activity. This is not just because of the extra energy it burns, but also because it protects and strengthens your most important fat-burning asset, muscle tissue.
If you are new to exercise, please let us know, and we can assist you with resources on getting started if you wish—note that you don’t have to dive headfirst into anything strenuous, and that there are helpful exercises to fit all ability levels and time schedules. Even just walking in place in front of the TV for the length of a sitcom is great—if you feel like you’re “out of shape,” just start with 5 minutes each time, and work your way up to 30 minutes, then twice per day if you need.
If you recently started exercising, the number on the scale may not be reliable at this stage. Since you are now swapping fat for muscle, which is much heavier, you may be getting healthier while the number of pounds or kilos stays the same. In this case, pay more attention to how you’re looking and feeling, how your clothes are fitting, etc.
If you have been exercising all along, the muscles you usually use may have become complacent and don’t burn energy the way they did at the beginning. In this case, we suggest to introduce new exercises, even swapping them out for the old ones for a little while, to wake up new muscles. The best results have been reported with introducing weight training—again, it doesn’t have to be super strenuous, just something you can do on a regular basis. Even just lifting filled food cans in front of the TV counts. Another option is to mix up the rhythm by adding bursts of higher intensity movement to a steady aerobic regime. This can be something like 30 seconds of jogging or going uphill every 5 minutes during a regular walk.
Regardless of your situation, it is recommended to you discuss your plans with your health care provider to be sure any needed safety steps are taken.

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Blessings! I’m wrapping up week 3 and have only lost 3 lbs. I had already been eating gluten free and sugar free, so adapting to the menus was not a big stretch for me. Biggest change is increasing the amount of seeds, nuts, and grains. I work out 5 days per week for roughly 60 minutes each time and walk 3-6 miles per day. I feel like I should be losing more weight? Was wondering if you have any suggestions for increasing the rate of weight loss? Thanks!

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Hi, 22asti. I forwarded your issue to tech support. Someone will get back to you soon.

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cant print week 5 of diet it doent come up

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Hi, superheavy61, and congratulations! We wish you continued success and good health, and are happy to help however we can.

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Doing Okay so far. Lost about 18 pounds in six weeks. I guess that would be considered progress. I can feel my metabolism starting to churn. Now that I eat the right kind of foods in the right portions, at the right time. It is just a matter of not skipping meals so your body doesn’t kick into starvation mode.

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Hi, djozwowski. What is your physical activity level like? Have you noticed any changes in how you look or how your clothes are fitting?

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I’ve completed 8 weeks. Lost 3 lbs the first two weeks and nothing since.

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I’m an Aussie who started a week ago and already lost a kilo. I am want to lose about 25 kilo in all, but am breaking it down to 5 kilo lots so it doesn’t seem so daunting. The menu frightened me at first – so much food over a day, till I realised the meals had been broken up to spread over the day. the switch tool is very handy too.

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H, lucylovescharlie. Click on “My Activity” on the right side of the toolbar near the top of this page, and in the dropdown menu, select “My Profile.”

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I may be asking on the wrong forum but I can’t seem to find my profile page in order to change my food preferences (special dietary requirements). Could you please help me?

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Hi, paffard. Sure, as long as her blood sugar is not too sensitive to carbohydrates without a protein “buffer.”

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