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Ossie-Sharon 2 years ago

Hi, okfishingal. You may be better served by the fully personal version of the Menu Planner application. With that tool, you can select the foods and preparation methods to go into your menus, hopefully utilizing healthy recommendations in our downloadable guides and searchable recipe collection. To take advantage of this, just click on the edit tool (pencil icon) at the upper right of each meal header, then make food choices from the searchable master list. You will be guided by your meal pattern, which has been calculated to meet your nutritional needs and goals.

okfishingal 2 years ago

I’m so confused abotu my grocery list. I’m shown the ingredient for cold cereal, but it’s not in any of my menus? I’ve decided for this to work, I’m going to really have to menu plan becasue my family eats completely different than me. I don’t mind cooking different for them, but I will be more successful if I can have my meals prepped beforehand. But I’m not going to buy soem sort of special cereal that I don’t really need. I do like that my menu plan came with the same breakfast every day, jsut not sure where this cold cereal fits into my menu plan…

Ossie-Sharon 3 years ago

Hi, Deb63. Click on the “Grocery List” button above your menu. You will be guided through the process.

Deb63 3 years ago

How do you do your shopping lists?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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