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Ossie-Sharon 2 years ago

Hi, Citikittii63, and welcome. We wish you much success here, and are happy to help however we can.

Citikittii63 2 years ago

Hi y’all I’m Dina , new here but not new to being unhealthy and overweight, I’m not an overweight person by nature it’s been the last 5 years and it has turned my health from good to deaths door … This is my last chance ..its gotta work…

Ossie-Sharon 2 years ago

Hi, cc1976. I have forwarded your question to tech support. Someone will get back to you soon.

cc1976 2 years ago

Hi i am a new member i have signed up today but i want to start the plan on Monday when i have sorted my shopping .How do you change the dates to show start date for Monday please

Ossie-Sharon 3 years ago

Hi, Itznarrey. To which recipe are you referring? I’m not sure I understand your other question. Can you describe your issue more in-depth. Sorry and thanks.

Itznarrey 3 years ago

I’m very picky with food choices in the recipe offered. How do I check how much measurements I should be using?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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