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Ossie-Sharon 1 year ago

Hi, AnnieBonannie. Once you have completed your profile, click on “My Menus” on the homepage, then on the plus sign. You will then get your menu. Above your menu, you will see a button for the grocery list. If you have additional questions, please do repost.

AnnieBonannie 1 year ago

Hi All … I d sad signed up for the one month and subsequent months. At the time, I didn’t have the chance to continue where it says let’s get started. I assume that was to pick out foods you like in order for recipes to be generated. Obviously, I’ve signed in today and can’t seem to find that page so that I may get recipes and I think I read a grocery list will also be generated. If d sad someone could point me in the right direction where you start at the very beginning of set up, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Anne

Ossie-Sharon 1 year ago

Hello to all. There is now an app that can be downloaded onto portable devices. Be sure to visit the homepage for information.

Ossie-Sharon 1 year ago

Hi, icvictoryforhaiti. We have instead made the entire website functional for any portable device, so that there is no need for downloading or upgrading. You can save the url in your bookmarks for easy access.

icvictoryforhaiti 1 year ago

The most recent post was 2 years ago. I sent a message through the website but I don’t find responses and I look in my junk mail too. So I have the same question; is there a phone app now? Has the app been developed yet?

Ossie-Sharon 4 years ago

Hi, tbfoto. I forwarded your query to tech support. I hope all is OK now.

tbfoto 4 years ago

Hi, I just found this site today. I searched for an App and was not successful. Is there one completed since this question was asked two years ago that I just didn’t find? If so, can you tell me the name of it so I can download it please. I am a busy mom with 3 teenage boys and this app would certainly be useful for me! Thank you, Trish (aka tbfoto)

Support 5 years ago

Hi Anita,
We here you. Please do keep in mind that we have recently improved our website design to be easier to use on your smartphone and tablet devices.
Best 🙂

Anitasteele 5 years ago

Need app for trim down club

Support 6 years ago

Hi Lady1,
We are in the final stages 🙂
Best 🙂

Lady1 6 years ago

I pad app would be great. What is the status of these request?

Juliedever 6 years ago

An iPad app would be sooo much easier look forward to you updating. Cheers

Gail52 6 years ago

I agree, a real app would be a huge benefit. My iPad doesn’t work as well with the web interface as my PC or laptop. A phone app would be marvellous for those of who live and almost die by this device. I’m on week two and have a lot of meetings and may spend my whole day either on the road or eating out. but I am trying!

Support 6 years ago

Hi crdavis,

It is in the works! In the meantime, the Trim Down Club Plan is fully functional on your iPhone or iPad devices 🙂

crdavis 6 years ago

Greetings! I am a new member and am looking to see if there is an iPhone or iPad app for this program? It would be very helpful for me as a busy working mom on the go!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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