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just getting started



2 11 years ago
On the road with Husband stuck in Motel room help



2 11 years ago
just started



60 11 years ago
Just Signed Up



4 11 years ago
càrbs with protiens



2 11 years ago



2 11 years ago
Just started



2 11 years ago
A desperate housewife



8 11 years ago
How your family fits into the picture



8 11 years ago
Hate wasting food



2 11 years ago
Mommy on the Run



5 12 years ago

Moms on Diet

  • Hfmomzoo

    I was diagnosed a year ago after getting COVID. I did very well got my A1c from 11 to 4.9 but ended up cheating a little now my weights up and so is my sugars and I try but I actually crave stuff I can't have..

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  • LoriLovesDavid

    do I get a new menu every week? if so how do I find my new one?

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  • Jahara87

    Ho I'm new to group and have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes as well. I would love to find some recipes to start my weight loss journey

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  • Rapm54

    Hi I'm just diagnosed with pre-diabetes so I would love to be a part of a support group.

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