Does the One and Done Workout Really Work? We Asked the Experts

One and Done is a high-intensity workout fitness plan created by certified personal trainer Meredith Shirk. It is fast and easy to implement in your busy, everyday schedule, enabling you to be consistent with the program and achieve successful weight loss results. To lose weight and get fit, all you need is to spend 7 minutes a day. Or does that sound too good to be true? Let’s find out!

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Updated May 12, 2023.

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Although exercise and weight loss are nearly synonymous, the long, sweaty workouts associated with weight loss are no longer necessary. In fact, prolonged high-intensity exercise can potentially be harmful; all you need is 7 minutes per day to lose weight and get fit. That sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Let's find out!

One and Done is an intense fitness plan created by certified personal trainer Meredith Shirk. It's fast, lasting only 7 minutes, and easy to squeeze into your busy everyday schedule, enabling you to stay consistent with the program and achieve successful weight loss results.

One and Done Workout Expert Review

One&Done Workout

4.5/5(72 reviews)

What Is the One and Done Workout?

The One and Done Workout is a 7-minute exercise program that emphasizes high-intensity exercises that accelerate weight loss. Whether you're an office worker or a busy mother, you can probably spare 7 minutes per day to burn fat, tone your body, and achieve the chiseled physique of your dreams.

Plus, there is no need to purchase expensive gym memberships or gym equipment, as resistance exercises in this program rely solely on your own body weight. These exercises are simple enough to be performed anywhere, including at home, in the office, or in the backyard; all you need is enough space to stretch comfortably.

The workout programs are power-packed short routines using the S.I.T. (Sprint Interval Training) techniques.

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The Science Behind the One and Done Workout

The One and Done Workout activates natural metabolic multipliers to boost your energy levels and burn more body fat through Sprint Interval Training (S.I.T.).


Irisin is a hormone released by your muscles in response to exercise that plays a vital role in converting white fat cells that store calories to brown ones that burn them. According to research, an increase in irisin results in the browning of white adipose tissues, effectively burning calories.

As bigger muscles have more irisin, working out larger muscle groups such as quads or glutes releases more irisin than smaller ones like calves or biceps. High-intensity strength workouts and endurance exercises also boost irisin production.

The One and Done Workout has carefully planned workout sets to maximize irisin production and ensure maximum exercise benefits of thermoregulation and weight loss. Even after your exercise session ends, the afterburn remains, as your metabolism remains high and continues burning calories for the next 24 to 48 hours or even longer, helping you lose weight even while resting.

Melatonin is also known to increase the secretion of irisin, so make sure to get plenty of sleep and eat more melatonin-rich foods, such as milk, pistachios, goji berries, tart cherries, and walnuts.

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Sprint Interval Training

Meredith’s concept of Sprint Interval Training (S.I.T.) is conceptually similar to High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). The difference lies in the active rest periods between short bursts of maximum-intensity workouts—don't worry though, there’s no running involved.

What's meant by 'Sprint' is that you exert yourself as much as possible for just 20 seconds, after which you rest for 30 to 60-second intervals. However, you can't just sit around—you need to keep moving to maximize the burn and boost your metabolism.

Use the One and Done workout manual to learn how to do the workouts in the right manner. You have to do a total of 7 minutes of exercising, involving alternating between 20 seconds of exertion/high-intensity workouts followed by 60 seconds of active rest. This maximizes the effectiveness of the short workout in boosting your muscle tone, endurance, and weight loss. Compared to HIIT, S.I.T. reduces the risk of injury due to stiff muscles, as your muscles remain loose and primed for the next round of exertion.

So, Does It Work?

The One and Done Workout is ideal for those who want to lose weight without spending countless hours in the gym, according to our experts. This workout program is very effective when adhered to consistently; you will begin to see results in just 7 days, and you will have lost a significant amount of weight in 4 to 8 weeks.

Consistency is Key

Wondering how good is the One and Done workout? Numerous One and Done workout reviews make it evident that this program offers lot more than just weight loss.

The One and Done Workout will improve your endurance and strength, significantly alter your mobility and flexibility, and deepen your sleep, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed. Your stress levels will drop, and you will feel happier.

Consistency with the program will also allow you to avoid the muscle loss associated with weight loss, as you will develop stronger muscles and a more toned physique. Plus, weight management will become considerably easier as your body achieves a higher metabolic state.

Ready to begin? Start with this easy 30-second quiz which will help tailor the program to your personal needs and preferences.

One&Done Workout

4.5/5(72 reviews)