This variation of marinated rice and vegetables is a real quick fix if you’re craving nutty flavors blended with lemony taste.

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  • Preparation Time

    15 minutes
  • Cooking Time

      60 minutes
  • Difficulty Rating

  • Serves



  1. 2 Tbsp. / 30 ml walnut oil
  2. 2 Tbsp. / 30 ml flaxseed oil
  3. ¼ cup / 60 ml wine vinegar
  4. Juice of ½ lemon
  5. Ground black pepper to taste
  6. 1 tsp. / 2 g allspice
  7. 3 cups / 720 ml water
  8. 1 cup / 185 g brown rice, uncooked
  9. 2 cups / 140 g mushrooms
  10. 1 cup / 180 g tomatoes, quartered
  11. 3 Tbsp. / 12 g fresh parsley, chopped
  12. 2 cups / 72 g collard greens, chopped
  13. ¼ cup / 30 g walnuts, chopped


  1. In a small bowl, prepare the marinade by combining the walnut oil, flaxseed oil, wine vinegar, lemon juice, pepper, and allspice. Whisk briskly to blend well. Set aside.
  2. In a stockpot over high heat, add the water and salt and bring to a rolling boil. Stir in the rice and bring back to boil.
  3. Lower heat, cover, and simmer for about 45 minutes, until water is absorbed. When done, allow to cool at room temperature before adding half of the prepared marinade.
  4. Heat a non-stick skillet and add the mushrooms. Cover and cook them over medium heat for about 10 minutes, until just wilted.
  5. Stir in the tomatoes, parsley, collard greens, walnuts, and half of the nut oil vinaigrette. Add salt and pepper.
  6. Continue to cook for a couple of minutes more. Turn of the heat, cover, and marinate for at least 2 hours before serving with the marinated rice.
Serving size:½ cup / 114 g Exchanges per Serving: 1 Carb, 0 Protein, 1 Fat

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  1. In a 2015 reply, there is a statement “you can click on the “Fewer Servings” link at the end of the recipe…” Is that feature still available? I don’t seem to see it at all. Going to the exchange page makes it a bit more difficult to do the translation. As a suggestion, it could be linked to the Serves icon at the top so a person can adjust it right away.

    • Hi, marsmudd. You can find the exchanges of each major food group allotted to you by clicking on “Exchange mode” in the toolbar above any of your menus here. The exchanges have the following approximate basic nutritional values:
      1 carb exchange = 15 grams of carbohydrates + up to 3 grams of protein
      1 protein exchange = 7 grams of protein + up to 5 grams of fat
      1 fat exchange = 5 grams of fat
      1 fruit exchange = 15 grams of carbohydrates
      1 vegetable exchange = 5 grams of carbohydrates + up to 2 grams of protein
      1 sweet exchange = up to 15 grams of carbohydrates + up to 5 grams of fat
      1 free exchange = up to 5 grams of carbohydrates or up to 2 grams of protein or fat
      You can find the general values of many foods at

  2. Ok all these recipes look great, but I can’t seem to find on the website about the fats carbs and proteins and how much we should eat etc, so don’t really understand it all really, lease help x

  3. Hi, Toula, and thanks for your kind words! Collard greens are a deep green leafy vegetable, and you can use any such vegetable in their place (i.e., spinach). As for walnut oil, yes, any healthy oil can be used in its place.

  4. Hi Ossie-Sharon,
    Your recipe looks so good! I would like to try this but I am not sure what collared greens are as I am from Australia, and I have never heard of this before! Also, can I use any oil instead of walnut oil please?
    Thanks heaps!
    Toula xx ?

  5. Hello! Just working my way through the initial recipes, food groups etc. I’m single with nobody else to feed at home, what does ‘Fewer Servings’ mean at the end of each recipe and do you have any recipes with specified amounts for us lone eaters please. I know, it sounds so sad but is in fact much more fun!

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