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Group logo of heart, soul, mind and strength......we can do it!!!

heart, soul, mind and strength……we can do it!!!

for those that are ageing gracefully and need encouragement to stay on this good eating plan while trying to get as much exercise as possible….

Group logo of Funny Farm quilters

Funny Farm quilters

People who have a sense of humor about thier shortcomings, and love to keep us in stitches. Maybe even quilters and crafty people. Ya gotta have a sense of humor.

Group logo of Living with Auto-Immune Diseases, Lupus, Fibromyalgia etc

Living with Auto-Immune Diseases, Lupus, Fibromyalgia etc

A support group dedicated to helping other sufferers of auto-immune diseases get through the day to day challenges, and have a support group for talking problems out, what has helped others to deal, and help each […]

Group logo of Fitmess Workouts

Fitmess Workouts

Fitness Workouts or daily walking challenges

Group logo of Probiotic Foods

Probiotic Foods

For those living with gut problems Probiotic Foods for a Healthy Gut

Group logo of Living life through faith

Living life through faith

It is my relationship with the Lord that gives me strength to move in the direction of discipline!

Group logo of Big Men to Sexy Hunks 50+

Big Men to Sexy Hunks 50+

This group is especially for the guys but women are welcome to join. I am Scott, a big guy looking to get control of his weight and get in shape. It is tough, I know but I am determined to make it happen. It is […]

Group logo of WE CAN DO IT


Older members with physical disabilities to support and encourage one another to be as active as possible. We can share ideas on exercises, or helpful hints in performing household duties, etc. We can be […]

Group logo of Coffee Club

Coffee Club

Circle of friends freely expressing emotions

Group logo of 30 something and looking to lose 30 lbs.!

30 something and looking to lose 30 lbs.!

I just joined today. Looking for women who are in their 30’s to share their success stories! Still learning my way around the site. I will post updates.

Group logo of Advice on Prepared Meals

Advice on Prepared Meals

Not liking to cook, I often get frozen dinners. For example: Amy’s enchiladas. Labels: no trans fat. no added MSG. No preservatives. Made with organic tortillas, black beans and vegetables. Cals 160 total fat […]

Group logo of Biking to Fitness

Biking to Fitness

Riding my stationary bike for low impact fitness. Looking for a few partners to compare notes with as I ride. MS patient with fibromyalgia and arthritis, beating pain and fatigue with exercise.

Group logo of C'mon the Welsh - A Welcoming Group to keep you warm in the Trim Down Hillsides!!

C’mon the Welsh – A Welcoming Group to keep you warm in the Trim Down Hillsides!!

Hello Everyone,

A big welcome (and a hug) to anyone that wishes to be part of the Welsh Group. My name is Breianne. You can take a look at me and my profile to get to know a little about me.

My aim is to […]

Group logo of I HATE SEAFOOD!!!


I can’t be the only person in the universe who cannot and WILL NOT eat fish/seafood and is trying to lose weight! (OK, I could use up all the bandwidth here just listing what foods I hate LOL) How do others cope?

Group logo of Friends with over 100lbs to loose.

Friends with over 100lbs to loose.

I started this group for us to make new friends with others who are trying to loose over 100lbs. I’m new to this plan and hope to find others to join me on this path to become friends and help support each other.

Group logo of Oldies but Goodies Over 65

Oldies but Goodies Over 65

This group is for young at heart, stilling working 40 hours, trying to ware your clothes and not have your clothes ware you. Trying to put exercise back in your life only to feel good and stay healthy.

Group logo of Diabetes Type II

Diabetes Type II

Struggling with the challenges of diabetes and insulin. Anyone else going through the same?

Group logo of Travel for work - what and where to eat

Travel for work – what and where to eat

Hi – I travel a lot for work and need suggestions about good choices for staying on this program. I just joined today and I leave on a four day trip tomorrow.

Group logo of Ocala Fl.  50 and Above

Ocala Fl. 50 and Above

Who want to do things as a group? Bring exercise and activates back into their lives.
Walking, Line dancing, Lunching, you name it!

Group logo of Thankfull list

Thankfull list

A group that is thankful, positive, greatfull no matter what is going on in the world, their family’s, and their body’s.Lets see how many greatfull comments we can get. The saying “count your blessings name them […]