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 Ossie-Sharon 7 months ago

Hi, Alphatia. Those flours aren’t essential here, just mainly used for a gluten-free diet. If you don’t need that, you can use regular whole wheat flour.

 Alphatia 7 months ago

Almond and rice flour can’t is only in specialty stores and their way to expensive. What can I use?

 Ossie-Sharon 8 months ago

Hi, Loose19, and welcome. Yes, we encourage fresh, relatively unprocessed, whole and natural foods. To get started, you can either use the “8-Week Plan” (link on the home page) to become acquainted with the program and build a menu, or you can click on “My Menu” (also on the home page) to get an instant menu, then make specific selections through the “My Food Choices” link in the toolbar above the menu. That link will bring you to food lists from which you can choose, while being guided by a color-coding system in which the healthiest foods are in the lighter blue shades. If you would like more help with making food choices, take advantage of our articles in the “Tips and Tricks” section of the site (link at the top of each site page), and get ideas for healthy food preparation in our searchable “Recipes” collection.

 Loose19 8 months ago

I just joined today. I was just wondering ok I hv limited food but I hv good eggs and cream of rice raisins and butter is this ok

 Ossie-Sharon 8 months ago

Hi, Alarrison. Try this reference:

 Alarrison 8 months ago

Please Help! I am the only person in my household doing this and just started working on my meal plan but I can’t figure out how to convert the recipes to smaller servings. My Mom is doing the Keto diet and we are going to compare.

 Oteoi 9 months ago

I love peanut butter, can I use it as a free spread and if not how can I include it in my daily menu.

 Ossie-Sharon 9 months ago

Hi, tstinso86. Sure! Up to a tablespoon (15 ml).

 tstinso1986 9 months ago

Can pudding be a free spread on bread

 Oteoi 11 months ago

Tips on eating out.

 Ossie-Sharon 1 year ago

Hi, hebuehne. Meltable cheese would be block cheeses such as cheddar, mozzarella, Jack, gouda, provolone, etc.

 hebuehne 1 year ago

Can someone tell me what they use when meltable cheese is called for?

 Ossie-Sharon 1 year ago

Hi, Lynne. We wish you success here, and are happy to help however we can.

 lynne.sayer 1 year ago

Thank you for this. I needed to look at all of this more carefully. Meanwhile, it takes three days to make a habit, and just having daily menus has changed my thought process. Three years ago, I lost 20 lbs. to go back to my normal adult weight on the 5/2 diet. 15 lbs. are back, and I need to program my head to think about food healthily and normally, and part company with it as a magnet. I am out all the time, but following the menu at home is making a tremendous difference, and it is not difficult to keep on the same wave length when out. I really love this club.

 Ossie-Sharon 1 year ago

Hi, Lynne. The video discussed artificial or overprocessed versions of popular foods that should be healthy, but have been manipulated into being particularly harmful to your goals. Rather than giving up on them altogether, we encourage better versions in their original, natural forms. Note that the foods discussed in the video are only examples, and many other popular foods have been similarly affected—so it’s good to read labels, be aware of how a food is made, and choose whole foods as much as possible.
1. Regular “whole wheat” bread—this often also contains refined flours, so it is preferred to select “100% whole” grain products (wheat or other). Even with these products, be sure to read the label and avoid hydrogenated fats or similar ingredients such as mono- and diglycerides.
2. Regular margarine—this is often made from chemically altered fats that create health risks similar to those people are trying to avoid by eating a plant-based product. If you must use a hardened oil, t is better to choose those based on coconut oil, and otherwise to use healthy liquid oils, such as olive, as much as possible.
3. Artificial sweeteners—you can read more about this here:
4. Regular orange juice—If it is in a store, it is likely to have been stripped of what makes it healthy. Even if vitamins etc. have been added back in, it really is not the same. Fresh-squeezed is the way to go.
5. Conventional and overly processed soy—organic is fine, and minimally processed items such as tofu, yogurt, and milk, as well as fermented items such as tempeh and natto are fine. However, most pre-packaged mock meats tend to be a problem.

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