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Support 6 years ago

Hi aimeeallenasid,
Thanks for posting your question and welcome!
I am happy that you are enjoying your first menu plan. Please do feel free to check out our frequently asked questions page –
I am sure you will find the answers to many of your questions there 🙂

aimeeallenasid 6 years ago

I have not seen an instructional video and have many questions! I have my first week plan after filling in the foods I enjoy. How do I get the video at this point?

Support 6 years ago

Hello blondemgzs,

Thanks for contacting us. I understand your concern about some of the foods we recommend being hard to find.

Listening to our customers is the best way to improve what we’re doing. So, we would like to know exactly which foods you would like to see added to the Menu Planner and which foods are causing confusion. Your thought definitely counts!

Please keep in mind that the foods in our lists are actually collected from around the world (and available in the UK), but lesser known to many. They were selected because they are less mass-produced and therefore relatively unmanipulated and more nutritious and supportive of health and healthy weight management. I do encourage you to take advantage of our shopping guide; one of the sites,, offers nice explanations of their foods. Regular supermarkets such as Tesco, Asda, and Waitrose are increasingly carrying these items as health-conscious consumers are increasingly requesting the; Holland and Barretts carries even more, of course, and Whole Foods Market even more.

I hope this information helps. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

blondemgzs 6 years ago

Hi so after watching your video l was inspired and a lot of what was said made total sense, so l paid up and started looking through the site. Unfortunately l have a few problems, 1. l can not possibly eat that much food, l dod not have the time or money! l get the whole thing about eating the right foods so your body doesnt go into starvation mode but after looking at the different menu’s it is quite unrealistic. Also the being american some of the foods are different to what we have here in England. l also find the site takes ages to change menu’s its not a great layout ie going through the recipes keep having to read down then back up top to change page? l unfortunately cant see myself sticking to this which is sad as when l saw your video l was pumped! 🙁 l think l will just be making notes and getting my money back unless someone can show me an easier way to change menu’s etc? the other day l spent 3 hours just trying to find a menu that l could realistically do, who has that much time?? l coulda been out walking the dog riding the horses or doing a workout? l,m getting married in 6 months time I AM GOING TO LOSE WIEGHT!! l cant give up please help……

Support 6 years ago

Hi katbuc10,
In our Nutrition & Diet Forum you will find many others directing questions to Ossie Sharon (our chief Nutritionist and Dietitian) and to other members.
If you are looking for support groups (with other members) look no further than this fantastic group –
Best 🙂

katbuc10 6 years ago

HI, I have just started don’t known how to talk with someone. on this site yet!

Delnic123 6 years ago

I just signed and created my menu. I’m going on vacation for a week and can’t wait to get started when I come back. So far I love what I see. I lost 40 lbs and recently gained a13 lbs back sick of the yo yo diets?

Support 6 years ago

Hi Ariarider,
Thanks for posting 😉
We have kept the 8 week program (60 day challenge steps) open to all members. It is a great starting point which guides you through the Trim Down Club Program. Here’s how to get started:
1. Go to
2. On the top right corner of the homepage click Login
3. Enter your username and password (You can also use your email address as your username. If you lost or forgot your password, click Login and then choose “lost password.” Follow the steps on the screen to reset your password)
4. After you login, click on “Follow 8 Week Plan”. This weekly guide will give you the tools and directions you need to start the program
To your health and success!

Ariarider 6 years ago

When exploring the website I noticed the 60 Day Challenge but when I clicked on it, it said the 60 Day Challenge is now closed. What now?

Ossie-Sharon 6 years ago

Hi, gmom. Sorry for the delay. Are you using the Menu Planner application?

gmom33759 6 years ago

OK I see my question when do I get answers?

Ossie-Sharon 6 years ago

Hi, EllaSC, and welcome! When you enter the Week 1 area (, scroll down, then click on the third icon (all the way to the right) to enter the menu area.

ellasc 6 years ago

Where do I find the week 1 suggested menu?

ellasc 6 years ago

Just joined today and I am excited to have this guidance! I will concentrate on slow and steady. I believe I will try the pre-made menu first to get the hang of this.

gmom33759 6 years ago

I joined the 60 day challenge & filled out the food groups offered but 90% of the foods offered I don’t have in my home I can’t afford to through away all the meals I have already planned that I have the ingredients for so my question is how do I incorporate your system into what I already have. I didn’t know that your system is like weight watchers in the fact that you expect your clients to weigh & measure everything you consume it is not as easy as you indicate in your video.
Their for it is impossible to follow your instruction within 60 days unless I through hundreds of dollars worth of food away, which I have know intention of doing. Your choices in foods are unrealistic unless I am going to shop in a health food store the grocery store I shop at doesn’t have a majority of the choices you gave nor do they know where I can get them.

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