5 Herbs to Add to Your Diet to Combat Insulin Resistance

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Updated February 14, 2023.

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Insulin resistance is associated with many problems, ranging from hormonal imbalances and obesity to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Insulin is an essential hormone produced by your pancreas that plays a vital role in blood sugar regulation. Insulin resistance occurs when your cells become resistant to insulin, leaving your blood sugar high and leading to a host of other health complications such as diabetes.

What's more, insulin resistance makes losing weight much harder. However, there are some natural ways to combat insulin resistance. While eating a nutritious diet rich in fruits and vegetables can help reduce insulin resistance, we bring you five herbs that are very beneficial too.

1. Reduce Blood Sugar With Cinnamon

Herbs to Add to Your Diet to Combat Insulin Resistance

Cinnamon is a woody spice used as a sweetener for people with type 2 diabetes. Its flavor and fragrance make your food a lot more appealing, and the best part is that it significantly reduces fasting blood sugar levels and improves insulin resistance.

Including cinnamon in your diet combined with a regular exercise routine is beneficial for those with impaired glucose tolerance. Plus, cinnamon is good for your digestion and strengthens your immune system.

2. Regulate Insulin Production With Ginger

Herbs to Add to Your Diet to Combat Insulin Resistance

Regularly consuming ginger can help reduce the risk of diabetes complications because ginger helps lower blood sugar and regulate insulin production. It can even help you lose weight by inhibiting the enzymes that regulate carbohydrate metabolism. Ginger also boosts insulin sensitivity and helps with glycemic control.

A study performed on 45 patients out of which 23 were given 2000mg of ginger supplements per day for a period of 10 weeks showed that regular ginger consumption significantly reduces blood glucose and hemoglobin A1C levels.

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3. Increase Insulin Sensitivity With Turmeric

Herbs to Add to Your Diet to Combat Insulin Resistance

Due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, turmeric root extract has been used in both Indian and Chinese traditional medicine to treat diabetes. Through the active ingredient curcumin which helps decrease free fatty acids and blood sugar, turmeric increases insulin sensitivity.

Turmeric reduces glucose production in the liver and increases the uptake of glucose into your muscle cells, making it a great addition to your diet to combat insulin resistance.

4. Detoxify Your Body With Holy Basil

Herbs to Add to Your Diet to Combat Insulin Resistance

Also known as tulsi, holy basil is an herb that helps detoxify the body, which is why it's used in traditional Indian medicine to cleanse the liver, intestines, and blood. Holy basil improves poor glucose tolerance as well as the adverse effects of stress resulting from it.

Since it improves pancreatic beta-cell function and insulin secretion, this herb is the ideal choice for those with insulin resistance to improve their glucose and cholesterol levels.

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5. Boost Your Metabolism With Garlic

Herbs to Add to Your Diet to Combat Insulin Resistance

Packed with vitamin C and other beneficial nutrients, garlic was traditionally used to treat high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Not only does raw garlic lower blood sugar, but it also reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and prevents diabetes complications, since diabetes is associated with atherosclerosis-related inflammation.

Due to its benefits for regulating blood sugar combined with its antifungal and antibacterial properties, including a moderate amount of garlic in your daily diet can help battle insulin resistance and boost your metabolism for easier weight loss and increased satiety.

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Battle Insulin Resistance With Trim Down Club

When uncontrolled, insulin resistance can lead to a host of medical complications, from fatty liver and heart disease to diabetes. However, managing insulin resistance can be simple if you have the right guidance, and including the herbs on our list in your diet is the first step toward achieving this goal.

And for a more effective approach, you can count on Trim Down Club to get a customized and flexible meal plan based on your individual needs and preferences. To get started on your health journey and overcome insulin resistance, take Trim Down Club's quick diabetes quiz.

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