Do you hate working out? Don’t like wearing running clothes? Get off the couch and go dancing!

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Yes to dieting, no to dieting, even if you’re not on a diet and don’t like going to the gym, go out and dance and do something good for yourself.  Do you prefer salsa or pole dancing?  It doesn’t matter!  In either case you’ll burn calories, strengthen your muscles, and improve your cardio.

After being known only by fans of the dancing arts, suddenly everyone’s talking about chacha, waltz, tango and rumba.  And even less familiar dances like the quick step, swing, and foxtrot.  Dancing schools are showing up like mushrooms after the rain, and they’re offering dance lessons in any style you can possibly want: salsa, belly dancing, modern dancing, jazz, ballroom dancing, hip-hop, funky, flamenco, and more.

Aside from being a number-one social skill, dancing is also a wonderful way to improve your physical endurance without putting in any special effort!

You can burn off calories while dancing and shed those excess pounds to strengthen your muscles, flex your joints, and above all, help your heart and lungs work more efficiently.

In fact, dancing can be the ultimate answer for anyone who feels like working  is too boring, whether it’s in a class, the gym, or anywhere else and they just don’t want to do it.

The link between the world of dancing and the exercise world isn’t new.  The style that demonstrates this link best is probably aerobic dancing.  This exercise, which used to be so “trendy” during the 80’s, continues to star in gyms to this day, with some modern-day adjustments.  The music sweeps the dance floor, and dozens of sweaty dancers  try to  mime precisely the way the instructor moves.

The biggest advantage of dancing  is  the element of fun in it, and it’s the most natural way to workout.  When people are forced to use their body and mind together, their physical prowess actually improves.

And so, without much fanfare, dancing has become a prominent element in gyms and studios.  Is this just a passing trend, or is dancing an actual branch of exercise of its own?

Regarding the trend, we’ll have to wait and see; but whether dancing is its own  exercise branch, the answer is a conclusive: yes indeed.

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  1. I love to dance do it weekly at the gym its a hip hop/ jazz class. I’m 58 and have never taken a dance class before. I agree with the mind thing it really helps and also a lot of fun. You just need to laugh a lot and not take it seriously! Like my instructors say there is nothing wrong with doing a solo! 🙂

    • I love what your instructor says!
      Not only did it make me giggle reading it, but it makes you remember to Just live life. Who cares if people laugh. Laugh with them. Laughter is the best medicine and lifts everyone.

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