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Hi I just joined, I clicked on the link for my favorite foods,nothing there for step 3 in getting started. I want to go shopping and get some things I’ll need for the week. I want to make this keto diet effective. I was hoping to see a list of foods I’d need to purchase

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Hi, Roberta. I have forwarded your query to tech support. Someone will get back to you soon.

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I am having a problem also with I want to switch to a more intensive version of the 3 choices but, can’ seem to get back to that screen. Can someone HELP ! I am just starting this and already frustrated.
Roberta V

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Hi, Salena. I have forwarded your query to tech support. Someone will get back to you soon.

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Hi – I just signed up and hit the “fast” option on the menu generator to see a sample. I have LS and Keto both checked in my settings, and it is def not a Keto diet. I wanted to switch to the more time intensive version of the 3 choices for the planner, but I can’t get back to that. When I click on the menu planner, it just keeps taking me to the already created one. I tried “new menu” and it just made another for me. I am def not going to adjust each item on each meal forever more, lol. Please tell me how to get back to the first 3 options for the meal planner.
Thank you!!

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Hi, gramsdale. To make your menu keto-compliant, access the subapplication of the Menu Planner by clicking on the circular arrow icon on the right side of each meal header. Once in that area, select foods of your choice to match the food group exchanges listed, but making the following substitutions:
1. Two fats for each carbohydrate exchange
2. Non-starchy vegetables instead of fruits, one exchange for one exchange
3. No sweet exchange
4. Talk to your health care provider about multivitamin/mineral and calcium supplements.
You may find our sample menu helpful ( Note, however, that the portion sizes may differ from those needed to meet your nutritional needs – it is still best to refer to your menu pattern (visible by clicking on “Exchange mode” in the toolbar above your menu) and list of exchanges (

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I need to be on a keto friendly diet for my diabetes. How can this work for me. I’m supposed to limit my carbs to 22 per day.

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Hi, Daphne. Definitely NOT! Once you have the basic selections made, you can keep using them, or make minor adjustments whenever you want. The items in your cabinet will also gradually match the tone of your new menus, and you’ll just be replacing items when you shop.

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Hi Im new to this (day 1 tomorrow) and it has taken me an hour to organise my menu for next week in order to do my weekly shop tomorrow. Is it always going to take this long

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Hi, Rachel. Your cheese blend sounds great – go for it!

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Hi, I’m new to this and I’ve spent the last few days tgrying to understand it all. I want to make a lasagne, i have butternut squash sheets instead of pasta, lean turkey mince, tomatoes, garlic and herbs. I need a sauce, i usually prepare my own cheese sauce but using white flour, which is a no on this diet. Can i use Quark with some xtra cheese on top such as mozarella, paramsan, mild chedder, goats cheese?

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Hi, Sarah, and welcome! You can see that list by first clicking on the “My Food Choices” icon in the toolbar above your menu, then on the “Free” button among the colored food group buttons in the Menu Planner area.

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Hi. Just joined and looking for a list of ‘free’ foods that can be enjoyed in any quantity. I have Polycystic ovaries so this diet was recommended.

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Hi, mps1944. Dairy is located in the Protein section of the Menu Planner food lists. Do make sure that your profile does not include “Non-Dairy” in the lower right corner. For some guidance in using the site, I recommend you read the “Quick Start Guide,” which you can download from “My Guides” (link at the top right of this page). Don’t worry about jumping in headfirst – just get used to things and make gradual changes. I’m happy to answer any nutrition questions.

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I’m not seeing any dairy, iry, I am

I don’t see any dairy and I drink organic skim milk everyday. How can I add this to the diet ?
I am brand new and overwhelmed already
I am 74years young and can relate all my conditions, back and knee pain, shortness of breath, poor stamina, etc. to being grossly overweight. More than anything, I want to be active again.

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