Do you want fresh, wholesome pizza, but think you don't have the time? Think again! This easy no-rise crust recipe will turn your kitchen into a parlor. Vegan-friendly.

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  • Preparation Time

    10 minutes

  • Baking Time

    20-30 minutes

  • Difficulty Rating


  • Serves



  1. 2 cups / 240 g whole grain flour (regular, sprouted, or gluten-free blend)
  2. 1 tsp. / 6 g salt or substitute
  3. ⅔ cup / 160 ml water
  4. 2 tsp. / 9 g aluminum-free baking powder (optional; leave out if you like a thin crust)
  5. 2 Tbsp. / 5 g Fresh Italian herbs, chopped (optional)
  6. 1 Tbsp. / 14 ml olive oil


  1. Preheat oven to 425°F / 220°C. Mist a pizza pan or stone with olive oil.
  2. Mix together flour, salt, and water, as well as baking powder and herbs (if desired). Knead until malleable and can be rolled out with a rolling pin without sticking or crumbling. Add flour or water as needed to maintain the correct consistency.
  3. Roll dough out into a disk shape.
  4. Brush or mist 14-inch / 35-cm pizza pan or stone with 1 Tbsp. olive oil. Place flattened dough into pan, stretching as needed to fit. Brush or mist top face of dough with remaining olive oil.
  5. If you like a crispy crust, pre-bake for 5-10 minutes.
  6. Top with desired toppings, and bake for 20 minutes.

Serving size: 1 ounce / 30 grams

Exchanges per Serving: 1 Carb, 0 Protein, 0 Fat

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  1. Hi, bruny, and thanks for the sharp eye! We are in the process of upgrading our recipes to note misting with olive oil, since misters (a.k.a. pump spray bottles, without butane) are becoming more and more available in commonly shopped areas, and some olive oil brands are even selling directly in misters.

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