There are certain nutrients that we find out about later in our lives and wonder how we ever lived without them. Such is the case with something like Omega 3 fatty acids. This is otherwise known as the “good fats” and we are in need of a major supply of this if we want to ensure good health.

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Never is this nutrient more important than during pregnancy. Though we just didn’t know in the past how beneficial this could be to mother and baby, now we do. Since the diet is most often deficient in this key nutrient, it’s imperative that a pregnant woman focus on this as part of her regimen. If you want to ensure a healthy baby and a healthy mommy then this is the nutrient to help get you there.

Contributes to a Healthier Pregnancy and Birth

Prostaglandins are the key ingredient within Omega 3 fatty acids that provide such far reaching benefits. When a mother is taking an appropriate amount of Omega 3 fatty acids she is sure to protect her health and that of her unborn child. This ingredient helps to protect functions such as regulating blood pressure and even protecting from any type of inflammation.
You will find that the pregnancy overall is far less complicated and that the mother is healthier overall. The baby is healthy during development and the mother doesn’t suffer the same symptoms that she might have without this nutrient. There is less likelihood of high blood pressure, blood clotting, or even mood swings that are commonly linked to pregnancy. So this nutrient is helpful to the baby even during pregnancy and to the mother as well!

Helps with a Truly Healthy Development

Every mother wants to ensure that her baby is developing properly during pregnancy. She eats the right foods and takes better care of herself than ever before. What you will find with the appropriate amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids is that it can help with the visual and cognitive development of the baby. Though a good proper diet can provide plenty of rich nutrients, only Omega 3 fatty acids specifically can help with this aspect of the baby’s development.
When the baby is developing it relies on the health of the mother. All of the nutrients that a mother consumes during pregnancy go directly to the baby. Not only is the mother less likely to develop symptoms that could harm her child, but the baby benefits directly as well. The baby is more likely to be born at term, have a healthy birth weight, and have a healthy digestive system all due to proper levels of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Protects the Baby from Allergies

It has been shown that mothers who consumed proper levels of Omega 3 fatty acids are also far less likely to develop allergies later in life. The mother passes the nutrients onto the baby and as it develops there is less of a likelihood of allergies to develop later on in life.
Even the breast milk that the mother produces will be more balanced and nutritious for the baby. When the mother consumes Omega 3 fatty acids through a proper diet and the right supplements she is providing a healthy environment for the baby during pregnancy. That baby will go on to develop properly, be less likely to be sick after birth or in childhood, and overall is a better picture of health overall.

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