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Put My Foot In It

You know when someone has really cooked something that’s mouthwatering good we say ”they put their foot in it”. I have run across some tried and true recipes during my weight loss journey that work. I would like […]

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The Person Insiders

Do you ever feel you are not living the life you were meant to lead. Do you find yourself putting others people’s needs (family, friends, co workers) ahead of yours. Are you apprehensive to follow your dreams. […]

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Men over 75

Men over 75 trying to lose some weight

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Night owl

I work grave yard so eating is tuff

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peabody family

john and kay

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Bun in the Oven

This group is for women who are pregnant or who are thinking about conceiving. We can share tips and health suggestions to help each other along.

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Kosher kitchen

Menus exclude all form of pork product, all shellfish and recipes or meals that mix meat and dairy.

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Public Safety 24hours

For people who work shifts in the field of public safety. Paramedics, Fire Fighters, Police, Dispatchers, etc.

Group logo of Picky Eaters

Picky Eaters

This group is for those of us that can not seem to follow any diet programs because there is simply to many items we don’t like and we don’t know which foods to substitute with.

Group logo of Becoming Healthy Men

Becoming Healthy Men

This group is for Men.
The men who join, will be here for the other men in the group; to coach, befriend and support each other, so that our individual goals to become healthier men can be more easily achieved. […]

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My AfuHome Group

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Is there a metabolic link between belly fat and disease?

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Hampshire Slimmers

Please drop in and say hello. I am in between the Wiltshire and Sussex Slimmers groups so cross fertilisation is welcome! Any hints tips or motivational suggestions gratefully accepted.

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Sussex Slimmers

Anyone on a journey to lose weight and get fit in the beautiful Sussex area. Willing to share ideas tips advice or just morale support

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60 Pounds In 60 Weeks at Age 60

Let’s use this plan to make gradual changes and achieve steady and safe weight loss while supporting each other to age gracefully!

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Mind/Body Connection

I am reldan000. I believe that health, and sickness starts in our minds, and enters our bodies.

I would like to start a group who believes the same.

What I would liked accomplished is our group nurtures, […]

Group logo of Foggy Fibro Fanatics

Foggy Fibro Fanatics

Free from wheat and gluten
also from dairy, and also redmeat
and soya too!! Some or all of the above …. in various combinations….

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Sammie Cook

Mary Anne