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Ossie-Sharon 11 years ago

Sidlea, right there with you! Hopefully you are getting some sort of medical help for you knees so they don’t hold you back too much. And even more hopefully, as you lose weight, you may find the pain decreasing. In the meantime, if the problem isn’t too serious, perhaps try sports knee supports/bands – like weightlifters and professional movers use for their backs.

Sidlea 11 years ago

Just joined the program today, have to go shopping. Exercising is always a problem for me, more mental than anything. I have a glidder and plan on starting again with that, I would prefere to be out hiking in the desert or mountains, but my knee kind of limits what I can do, but I know that I have to get this exercising program going. After so many tries, I am really motivated by this program and I know I can do it. Keep me in your prayers!

Patrick 11 years ago

Hi, TCampbell – don’t be depressed! Gaining a pound can also be a positive consequence of exercise. I’m serious. By definition, muscles are heavier than fat in our bodies. So, gaining some weight could actually mean that you’re increasing your fitness level and making progress. I hope this helps. 🙂

DianePearson 11 years ago

Hi TCAMPBELL, I REALLY FEEL THE SAME, BUT IT don’t change nothing if we don’t do something…so Ive decided on a small goal for my excecise maybe that will help…It has in the past…the more I do the more energy I seem to have… let me know how you are doing from time to time on your excercise goal…It motivates me…Diane

Tracey 11 years ago

I’ve been exercising for a while now. However, I tend to fall off the wagon when I see I may have gained a pound back. It can be depressing but I just need to keep moving forward. I am sure we all have our down days and just have to pick ourselves right back up. Anyone else feel this way?

DianePearson 11 years ago

Hi…Im not new to excercise but I now do it in spurts, summer in Alberta, Canada I do very little, but when Im in Palm Springs Ca. I walk and go to the gym nearly every day…Im looking forward to going to Palm Springs in Oct… To encourage myself here in Canada I set up a garage gym but I find it lonely in there by my self so I go very seldom….dose anyone have any advice how to solve this little problem???? Motivate me please….

Snowshine 11 years ago

I am just starting today. I just found the community and am walking my dog most everyday. we go to the beach and I throw sticks in the water and bend over every couple of minutes for about 30 minutes then we take a 20 minute walk back to the car. so that is 40 minutes of walking and 30 minutes of playing with the dog.

Nancy 11 years ago

I’m just starting today and I have found in the past that the instant I see results, that is an amazing motivator. I have worked out off and on but honestly more on for about 15 years. It’s really easy to fall off track and not so easy to get back on but once I do, I’m usually pretty good. People say all the time, I love to work out or I love the gym, frankly I don’t believe any of them. I think they love the results and how it makes them feel and they absolutely should, but I hate it!!! I do it because it’s healthy and keeps the pounds off but I really hate to do it. Sorry.

Joanne 11 years ago

What motivated me – just a feeling that my body is getting full of aches and… in a way I felt like my joints are getting rusty. :)) This was a terrific motivator!
I find mild exercise to be very good for mind as well as body, even if I don’t engage in the advanced fitness exercises. Maybe in time I will do that too. 😉

Leonard 11 years ago

I’m a long time athlete, in a way, so answering to this question would require me to go a long way down the memory lane. I guess I just felt the need to spend some extra energy. =)

But, I would like to share something useful from my experience: once you start and keep going, it’s easy to get “addicted” to your daily (or weekly) exercise. That itself can be a good motivation for the beginners. Being persistent will pay off.

You know, it’s like climbing a hill with a bicycle: first it takes a lot of effort just to keep going, but it’s worth it, because once you reach the top, the rest will be like riding downhill. That’s my 2 cents on this. =)

Ossie-Sharon 11 years ago

What motivated you when you first started working out?

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