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Njob22 10 years ago

Hi suzzannelin. I am in college and all i do is sit and study and sit so wut i do for a work out is I joined the closest YMCA and started doing the classes they a tabata class or a cycling class, this way you work yourself and its a bit more fun than doing it on your own therefore your more likely to keep it up….I hope that helps:)

Suzannelin 10 years ago

Hi there! I’m new to the program. Hadn’t weighed in years, so when I did last week, it was a shock, but now that I’ve gotten over that shock (a bit), I’m ready to work again. My husband is doing this with me, and his blood sugar has already dropped from his normal number and this was all just from eating! I am obese and he’s not, but yet I’m lucky enough to not have diabetes yet so I’m going to not let it happen. I could use some help on what to do for exercise. I sit at a desk all day long with not alot of walking (maybe 400 feet a day), and I cannot stand for long periods of time. Any ideas? Thank you!

AMEHansson 10 years ago

Is there anywhere to view these exercises being done correctly. I just listened to them for the first time today and wasn’t quite sure if I was doing them correctly.

bmarkham 10 years ago

The best tasting and healthiest Stevia is Made by NOW. Nu Stevia is good too and has no after taste. It was recommended to me for me by my health professional.

Ossie-Sharon 10 years ago

If you don’t like Stevia, you can try monkfruit sweetener (the same usage as Stevia, less of an aftertaste) or xylitol (the same usage as sugar, but better for you).
Other than regular wheat, flours that are good for baking include spelt, kamut, and quinuoa (quinoa is gluten-free).

Brownin61 10 years ago

What is the best type of flour to use for cakes( pound cakes) and I really don’t like the taste of stevia is brown sugar ok.?

wjt7977 10 years ago

I have just started with Trim down Club but I have been exercising off and on for years. Last year I started a workout program with a CD at home 3 times a week. It has simplified my time to workout and I absolutely love it for my body and mind. Now my goal is to start this program and to be educated on the right choices to eat to become healthier and loose weight.

merene 10 years ago

I joined last week, but this will be my first week actually using the menu planner. Today I went shopping to pickup some of things on my list, as well as not to buy too much since I hate food to spoil!! I signed up for 30 yoga classes to get the physical part of my transformation started; my first class is Saturday morning. I am not so focus on the weight lost as much as I am focus on learning how to choose the right foods, excercise, and enjoying my life!!! Y’all have fun…………………

elainejack 10 years ago

I am a beginner to this program, and am trying hard to give up alcohol, as I have been a regular drinker for many years, I am 60. I know that I am lucky that it hasn’t damaged my health yet (I hope)
I just want to say that concentrating on this good healthy eating plan is inspiring me to take good care of my body, and already, after a week, I feel energised and in tune. I look forward to being part of this community, and the inspiration it is giving me. There are many benefits to sharing – nice to know you are all out there

Ossie-Sharon 10 years ago

Hi, Asalani. A “fat” is considered a food that has more fat than carbs or protein, and “fat exchanges” are servings that each provide 5 grams of fat. You don’t need to worry about the fat points, as the Menu Planner application makes the calculations automatically for you.

asalani 10 years ago

Ossie, I am new to this program. What do you mean 2 fats or 4-5 fat exchanges? Is there a written description on this site on the number of fat points or etc that we need to follow? I previously was on Weight Watchers and lost 20 lbs. Even though I was able to maintain the weight off, I still have around 10 pounds to go and I find those the hardest. Either way, I mentioned that becuase I know how to count those points if that is what you’re referring to.

LynnM 10 years ago

Good idea, Lorax, it helps to state things publicly!

Good for you, lemala, keep going, I find this site inspiring too 🙂

My committment is to walk every second day, working up from 1k to 2, and to start my core and upper body strengthing exercises again….I know what to do, just am so involved in volunteer work that I let the exercise go. Now my priority is me!

Lorax 10 years ago

Im just starting today, well actually tomorrow, as its 10:40 p right now. I will wake up tomorrow morning (6:30a)and walk around my condo complex. (Announcing my goal/commitment for accountability purposes) Its cold outside 9F.

yemaia 10 years ago

After being in 2 nature catastrophes and seen more than I should have done, my hormons like insulin, thyroxin,cortisol made me sick and I doubled my weight. To forget all bad pictures of damage and death, I worked double for many years, up to 90 hours a week this summer and my legs were destroyed, 50 years old I walked like a 90 years old person!Istarted having oilmassage, it helped but I could not get the legs soft again. I bought a zumba lessons to do home , started 5 days ago, I am shaking, twisting, dancing and have a lot of fun, sometimes the steps go so fast I cant follow, but it will come. BUT HERE IS THE STORY; My legs are soft again, my muscles function as normal- and all this after doing the zumba 4 times. I am already looking forward to tomorrows lessong; salsa, calypso, merengue,all these latin rytms, I just love it even if I am still a doble size. And next week I am starting testing hormon levels at a private clinic.I am going to take control over bloodsugar, bloodpressure, low levels of thyroxin,stresshormons because I have now left all bad pictures from tragedies and death beside me; I can look at the when I want but I dont anymore have to see them all the time, I am now the boss of my life

prettysue 10 years ago

Hi, just got started 3 days ago, the only exercise i get is with my dog, 1/2hre a day, i’ve gotten rid of all the foods that is’nt in the program and i bought all the foods i need to make all the recepies, hope i don’t loose any since i live alone, i bought too much, affraid i would get hungry, lol! i seem to be tightening up on my stomach roll and belly, maybe just my imagination, and few pounds on the scales. Time will tell.

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