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kwbound 11 years ago

Please tell me what SWG bread is. Thanks

Ossie-Sharon 11 years ago

Welcome, New Member. I’m happy to help in whatever way I can 🙂

newdiet 11 years ago

Ossie, You provided Melissa with some great feedback as well as others. I gained a lot reading it as well so THANK YOU!
-New member

Dana 11 years ago

For the gentelman at Vancouver Island, I love the cottage cheese and the dishes made with it. I am 3 days into this eating plan. How long did it take to loose the 25 lbs.?

Kathyjo 11 years ago

I was just reading today that Braggs apple cider vinegar is really good for lowering cholesterol. Go on line and check it out. Good luck to you and w

Rob 11 years ago

Hello all, Very wet on Vancouver Island today, I have not posted so here I am. I am loosing weight for my children and grandson. My Doctor says my Colestrol is through the roof and my tri gliceroids sp? are as well. This was 1 mth ago. I have been on this diet and lost 25 lbs so far. It’s a education and I still have a lot to learn, Mostly eating Chicken and Fish, lots of salad and more salad.
No Bread, as little sugar as possible, NO Juices. Lots more water.
No more Diet Coke 🙁 Is anyone eating cottage cheese?
Now I am starting to exercise and the combination with the lifestyle change will take off another 30 lbs I hope 🙂
Good luck out there.

Melissa 11 years ago

The weather is beutifull in Texas. So for exercise today I took a brisk 40 minute walk around the park. I feel great!

Ossie-Sharon 11 years ago

Actually, most of the Trim Down Club recipes are gluten-free! 🙂

joanne77355 11 years ago


Ossie-Sharon 11 years ago

Alcohol is processed in the body like fat, and a sugary drink is also counted as a sweet (carb).
For a rusty nail, assuming 1 jigger each of scotch and Drambuie (total 3 fl oz), that would come to 2 carbs and 4-5 fat exchanges.
The chardonnay is much lower in carbs and alcohol, and so the average 4 fl oz glass would be counted as 2 fats.

Melissa 11 years ago

I would like to know how alcohol fits into the program. I normally have 2 drinks a day. Sometimes chardoney and sometimes “rusty nail” (Scotch and drambui, which is a scotch lequer)

Melissa 11 years ago

I just tried weight watchers and am verry discouraged because I actually gained weight. So I am trying to start this program with enthusiasm. Just sighned up about an hour ago and need to go shopping. I am also incorporating some exercise vidios, hoping it helps.

jilbs 11 years ago

Hi,im nick i find what motivates me is doing somthing i like,riding down the beach rollerskating around the block,riding the bike in the afternoon is great i found some nice tracks down my local beach that take an hour to do there an back to the car,when i get home i feel great have a fruit smoothie an relax,i advise investing in a good bike it makes all the differnce i spend 1200 on a Gt zum 1.0 and it was the best exercise machine i have everyboguh,my rollerblades also cost around 500 both are very comfortable an light.

Jackie 11 years ago

All I’ve started doing is walking in our neighborhood, doing reps on my torso track, & some floor exercises with squats. In combination with all these vegetables & fruits especially, I feel like there’s a lil less of me already! Yet too all this ice water I’m drinking is keeping me cleansed as well. It was motivational to see my skin improved & though my belly is still a problem, when I suck it in, I can see a small difference which is enough to tell me to keep it up!

LongJohn 11 years ago

Just returned to participating in Les Mills, Body Attack classes and feel proud of myself. I used to attend approx 10 years ago and did not realise how much I loved the classes until I returned :). I am now going to start eating right and shed that extra layer on my body that does not belong on me!

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